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Group insurance is typically offered at your job. It is a group of people paying considerably lower insurance premiums to the insurance company. Sometimes the lower premiums only apply to the employees, when you add on family members it can be expensive, depending on the size of the "group." Some employers will pay all of or a portion of the employee's premium, making it affordable to add on family members. Most of the time you will need to sign up for the insurance during an "open enrollement "period. In most cases, if you miss the open enrollment period you can't get the insurance until the next open enrollment period.
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Who is a good insurance group?

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What is an employee insurance participating plan?

An employee insurance participating plan is one where the employees  of a certain company can put money into their insurance, regardless  of how much is paid by the employer

Does an employee with existing group health insurance have to enroll into Medicare at age 65 buy a supplemental plan then drop the group health insurance?

You have a choice to stay in your employer's plan or join Medicare. When you do stop working and lose your group health plan, make sure you enroll in Medicare within 8 months.

Is pregnancy a pre existing condition when enrolling in a group insurance plan?

Answer (applies to the United States only)   NO! If you are having any trouble with group insurance and a pregnancy not being covered, contact your insurance commissioner

What is an EPO insurance plan?

  Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)-insurance plan allows access to health care from a network physician, facility or other health care professional, including special

What is an hmo insurance plan?

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How group insurance plans differ from individual-private plans?

The group insurance plans are ususally NOT portable, which means you can't take them with you if you change jobs. Most group plans do not require proof of medical insurability

What is the benefit of group health insurance?

Group health insurance is more beneficial than individual group plan because it comes to the individual for free. This is the best way one can get health insurance and medical

When is Medicare primary under a Group Insurance Plan?

Medicare is only secondary to your group coverage if you work for a company with 20 or more employees (could be a combination of part-time and full-time, based on total number

How Can you Cancel your Health Insurance Plan?

Buy Health Insurance Plans    Buy health insurance could be a confusing task to do because there  are many options in the market.So you can select best health  insura

Why do group health insurance plans usually have better coverage and lower premiums than individuals plans?

Since group health insurance plans usually cover say 500 heads at a time, the Insurance Company has the option to offer lower premiums for economy,than charging for an individ
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What companies offer the best group health insurance plans?

Some of the most popular and highly rated companies across the US in general for group health insurance coverage include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Aetna. However, in

How do you pick a health insurance plan?

Health care can be very expensive. Having a baby costs about  $30,000, and so does the average three-day hospital stay. Health  insurance is a way to reduce those costs to a

Who can apply for an insurance plan?

Takaful is a Dubai Islamic Insurance that is taken in partnership  with Idikhar Plan . These insurance plans are designed as per the  Islamic requirements and guidelines. An