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What is a group of ducks called?

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A group of ducks can be called a badelynge (if they are on the ground), bunch, brace, flock, paddling, raft, skein, string, or team.

If it's a group of ducklings (i.e., they've recently hatched and are being looked after by their mother), it is called a brood.
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What is a group of duck called?

It depends where the ducks are: In flight: flock On the ground: brace, badling, or sord On the water: raft, team, or paddling Chicks: brood or clutch

Why is duck tape called duck tape if ducks are not on it?

Originally, the tape was made of "duck cloth" material. But it's name was DUCT TAPE. However "duck" sounds like "duct" in the real name "duct tape". One company's competing br

What is a group of duck?

Flock, paddling, raft, team or brace of ducks. * A brace is two ducks. Also a safe of ducks (on land)

What is a flying group of ducks called?

All collective nouns for ducks:       brace  of  ducks      flock  of  ducks      flush  of  ducks      paddling  of  duc

Why is duck tape called duck tape?

It isn't actually duck tape, but duct tape. The rubberized fabric was originally used to seal the flexible metal "ducts" (conduits) that carry heated or cooled air (or vent ai
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Why are the Oregon Ducks called The Ducks?

An Oregonian newspaper writer named L.H. Gregory coined the term "Webfoots" because of the wet weather. Then the school changed it to Ducks later when "Puddles" a live duck w

What is a group of wood ducks called?

Wood ducks live in wooded swamps and nest in the holes of trees.They are often seen in groups of less than 20. Groups of ducks canbe called several things, including bunch, fl
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What is a call duck?

A call duck is a small breed of duck. They look exactly like bigger breeds of duck exept they are smaller. For examole, some look like little mallards, pekins, rouens, etc. Bu