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Wastewater from your kitchen and bathroom is piped to a gully trap before emptying into the sewer. A gully trap is a basin in the ground with a water seal to prevent foul odours of the sewer reaching the surface. Gully traps are buried in the ground with the tops or surround raised above ground level to prevent ground water entering into the sewer.
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What is a sentence for gully?

i was walking by they beach shore when i fell into a gully.It immediately dashed off down into the thickly vegetated gully below the trail.Overcome the cleft above, then step

What is a gully reclamation?

Gully reclamation is the process of reinstating and improving the land that has been disturbed by some process( excess runoff) back to its original condition and prevent furth

What is the difference between gully trap and manhole?

A gulley trap will have a water seal and connects each drainage  line from the building to the first manhole.   One manhole will have one or many drainage line inlets and

What is gully erosion?

Gully erosion is the removal of soil along drainage lines by the surface of the water. Gully refers to a water worn ravine. It also refer to the land formformed after the e

What is gullies?

Gullies are like river banks.FOR EXAMPLE:in mexico there are many gullies.THAT IS THE DEFINITION FOR GULLIES.

Why do gullies form?

becus it becomes deeper as rain continaully washes the soil away and that is how gully is formed

What is Gaza and gully?

gully is the side where mavado (david brooks) lived his whole life.Gaza is where addja palmer grow up.both are in jamaica.the don't like each other.

What is a dry gully?

A dry gully is a depression in the earth that is the result of  erosion after violent rainstorms. These gullies are usually dry  unless there has been rain.

How are Gully formed?

A gully starts when water erodes the soil and makes it fall into  valleys and hills. The amount of water is usually substantial  making a permanent change in the landscape o