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A high-risk pregnancy is anything that increases the chances of the baby and mother not remaining healthy. This may be because the mother already has a problem before pregnancy, diabetes, kidney disease and hypertension being the most common. There may be something else about the mother, older (although as this becomes more common it is regarded as less of a risk), very young (under 16 and not yet fully grown herself), petite, (especially if the father is big) and obese. There may be something about the pregnancy itself, placenta praevia, pre-eclampsia. This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea. Answer meaning if there are potential problems with your pregnancy, different circumstances for every pregnancy, that doesn't always mean whatever their concern is will actually happen
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Risk of pregnancy?

High if you do it when you ovulate or have unprotected sex less than a week before you ovulate since sperms can live inside you for up to a week.

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How can a high-risk pregnancy be prevented?

A pre-pregnancy visit with a healthcare provider is especially important for a woman who has a medical problem. The doctor will discuss how women with this condition usually f

How is a high-risk pregnancy diagnosed?

A woman with a high-risk pregnancy will need closer monitoring than the average pregnant woman. Such monitoring may include more frequent visits with the primary caregiver, te

What are the causes of a high-risk pregnancy?

Factors can be divided into maternal and fetal. Maternal factors include age (younger than age 15, older than age 35); weight (pre-pregnancy weight under 100 lb or obesity); h

What is the prognosis for a patient with a high-risk pregnancy?

The prognosis depends in large part on the specific medical condition. Some medical conditions make it difficult to get pregnant and lead to a higher risk of problems in the b

What is the treatment for a high-risk pregnancy?

Treatment varies widely with the type of disease, the effect that pregnancy has on the disease, and the effect that the disease has on pregnancy. Additional tests may help det

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What can happen during a high risk pregnancy?

A high risk pregnancy can result in health problems for the newborn or the mother. It may result in a premature birth, or the loss of the child either due to miscarriage or st