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I house style sheet is basically a simple document which basically an organization will use to make all of it's documents look similar. Like.. it would have the title and date and even possibly a border would all be in the same place, the text would be the same colour and size and font. For example : my college uses a one for all it's letters it sends out and a range of different documents, it has a green border down the left hand side blue text and the name of the college, the address, fax and phonenumber are all in one place. well hope that's helpful (:
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What is a style sheet?

A style sheet is a document written with a list of rules and declarations that control the presentation of web documents. The standards used are from the W3C standards for Cas

What is cascading style sheet in HTML?

Untitled Document .page_formate #container { width: 998px; /* this will create a container 80% of the browser width */ background: #FFFFFF; margin: 0

What is style sheet?

Type Style The characteristic, such as light, bold or italic, of a typeface.. Additional search results for: Type Style knowledge Types of Paper Types of Mailers Type o

How many cascading style sheets are there?

Only 1 stylesheet, but you can have multiple stylesheets to styel according to browser types/versions, or by the many media types.

What are inline style sheets?

Inline style sheets are located within an HTML or similar marked up document. They are only to be used in rare cases, for example when you need to override a rule that you hav

What are the advantages of using style sheets?

CSS style sheets are used to separate presentation from content and markup. There are several advantages to using style sheets. First is that separation of presentation from c

What are the benefits of Cascading Style Sheets?

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What are the role of Cascading Style Sheets?

Cascading Style Sheets control how a document is to be presented in a web browser or other sources that can display web content. CSS was created to separate the presentation f

How are style guides and sheets created?

Style can be done in three ways; it can be inline (with the HTML element,) internal (in the Head element) or external as a linked file linked in the Head element. Precedence f

Who develop cascadind style sheets?

Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ) was created by The World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C ) on 17 December 1996.

What are inline styles embedded styles and external style sheets?

Inline styles occur by declaring a style within a separate tag. Embedded styles are declared on the page within the head element. External styles are referenced with an anchor

Why do you use the External style sheet?

Cascading style-sheets are programmed externally (separate from the HTML) so developers can influence multiple elements at the same time. If I wanted to change multiple paragr
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What are style sheets?

A style sheet is a manual detailing the house style of a particularpublication or publisher.