What is a legit dating site that's free?

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PlentyofFish and OkCupid and adultxdating are completely free.
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Are there any Free Dating Sites?

Yes there are, but as always you must be on your guard. Check out the site fully before you sign up and never give your real address and details, age, name etc, because you ma

Dating sites in canadan for free?

Cupid.com is free, but it belongs to mach.com now. So, match may adjust its strategies for the purpose of supporting the main site. POF is free. Absolutely. But personally

What are some sites for free stuff that's legit?

a good site for free stuff is prize rebels, you can make easy money in a matter of minutes and then choose what to have sent to you from there selection or custom orders such

Is napsgear a legit site?

I have had success in 2010 with napsgear.com, no problems shipped on time I didnt realise there was a .net also Possibly same company, possibly different, not sure

What is a legit wholesale shoe site?

There are numerous sites on the Internet if you do a search for"wholesale shoe site." Zappos probably is known for having the bestselection of shoes and service, although it i

Are dating sites free?

Some dating sites are free and others are not, I advise you to readinto the terms and conditions when you are signing up to a freedating site to make sure you are able to use

Is there a legit site to get free playstation 3?

Only if you count stores that give you one with a purchase of furniture and HDTVs. Why would someone give you a PS3 for free. People were pepper spraying other customers on Bl

How legit is this site?

WikiAnswers can be as legitimate as contributors make it. Contributors that are here to help Supervisors, Special Project Assistants, WIT members etc., are the ones who TRULY