What is a list of costumes that start with the letter s?

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Spiderman Superman Skunk Simian (monkey like) Shrek Shrew Sheep St Trinian (does this count as an s? I have seen any people dressed as one of their pupils) Star (like in a nativity play or something)
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Can you give me a list of words that start with the letter S?

sincerity, secure, sacred, shareful, sumptuous, style, sweetness, shamed, something, stout, steward, sanctity, shepherd, shallow, soul mate, simple, scatter, safety, sublime, salubrious, save, sedentary, shadow, superb, silence, salutation, smudge, spiritual, sophisticated, skilled, service, strong, (MORE)

What are cheap costume ideas starting with the letter B or M?

Baby, burgular, family member from the Brady Bunch, bogan, movie star, mad scientist, mother, mickey mouse and many more.. I did some research and came up with an original idea for a 'B" Costume for my 30th birthday party. See http://costumesstartingwith.blogspot.com

What is a list words that start with s?

sap, sand, satisfy, salina, send, severe, seven, sovereign, solve, solution, silky, sulky, sun, sheer, share, shore, stamina, sport, serve, saint, smear, swear, sure

CosWhat are cheap costume ideas starting with the letter M?

hi i had an 18th where u had to dress up as something starting with 'm' ideas are:. moulin rouge. michael jackson. mortica adamms. miss piggy. matilda. madeline. merlin. murderer. mosus. madonna. metalhead. men in black. magenta (rocky horror picture show). maid. mermaid. modossa. m (MORE)

What are some good costume ideas starting with the letter W?

Warf (Star Trek) Warrior Princess (Xena) Warriors Male/Female Wednesday Addams Wench Werewolf/Wolf Western Male/Female White Rabbit Whoopi Goldberg Wicked Witch of the West Wicked Step-mother/sisters William Wallace Wilma Flintstone Witch Witch Doctor Wizard Wonder Wo (MORE)

What are costume ideas starting with the letter C?

Candy Corn Chucky Crypt Master Clown Catwoman Cinderella Cheerleader Clonetrooper Cyborg Captain Hook Cowardly Lion Cop Cat Can Can Cleopatra Convict Caveman Captain Jack Sparrow Cat in the Hat Cow (MORE)

What are costume ideas starting with the letter S?

Here are a few:. Sailor . Snow White . Secretary . Superman/girl . Spiderman . Sunburnt- paint yourself red! . Saddam Hussein- depending on what country you live in . Shark . Spider . Spice Girl . Salmon . One of your friends starting with S (make a mask with a big photo of their head) (MORE)

Costume party ideas starting with the letter J?

The joker from batmanand the jack. The Joker is a good costume that begins with the letter J, but there are a lot more!. Jafar. Jack and Jill. Jack Sparrow. Michael Jackson. Jacob Marley. Jailbird. Jango Fett. Japanese Geisha. Jason. Jaws. Jayne Mansfield. Jeannie. Jedi Costumes. Jeev (MORE)

What are costume ideas starting with the letter L?

lady bug, learner drive, Lego man, love, laddet, loser, lucky charm, Lara croft, lemon, librarian, Lisa Simpson, lobster, little bo peep, little red riding hood, lolly pop, LADY GAGA! lion, lady bird, lamb hope this helps

Dress up party costumes starting with the letter p?

Padme' Armedala (Starwars) Palm Tree Party Animal Peasants Pebbles Flintstone Penguin, The (Batman) Peter Pan Peter Rabbit Phantom of the Opera Pharoah Pierrot Pilgrims Pimp Pimpette Pink Piggies Pink Ladies Pinnocchio Pirates Pippy Longstocking Pitcher (baseball) (MORE)

Dress up party costumes starting with the letter t?

T arot card reader, T inker Bell, T weety, T ea cup, T urtle, T rain, T eacher, T arzan, T eddy Bear, T inman, T -Bird(Grease), T ootsie Roll, T ooth Fairy, T oucan, T elephone, T urkey, T ennis Player, and a T iger.

Dress up party costumes starting with the letter f?

\nFairy, Faith, Fortune Teller, Frog, Fruit, Fire Twirler, Fraggle Rock, Fisherman, Fireman, Finger, Fairy Floss, Fanny, Farmer, Friend, F1 Driver, Flight Attendant,Figure Skater, FLorist, Fashion Designer, Fox, Foot, Facebook, F Word, Fridge, Flora and Fauna, Flower, Fruit Loop, Fish, FBI

List of words starting with the letter a?

· abandoned · abiding · ablaze · able · abnormal · aboard · abrasive · abrupt · absent · absolute · absorbed · absurd · abundant · abusive · academic · acceptable · accidental · accurate · acoustic (MORE)

Costumes starting with the letter A?

Some costumes starting with A are: . angel . archer . Airedale, dog . Angora, cat . apple, like the Fruit of the Loom guy . Applejacks, box of . armored knight . Anthony, with Cleopatra . Annie, Little Orphan . Abbot, with Costello . actor, Shakespearean . Ace of spades

Ideas for costumes starting with s?

santa Claus school girl snow white sleeping beauty sailor soccer player safari girl spiderman superman superwoman/supergirl Sarah palin school girl spice girls scooby doo shaggy (from scooby doo) serial killer scream stalker secretary secret agent stewie sheri (MORE)

Dress up party costumes starting with the letter O?

Orphan, anything orange(For example, Pumpkin), Oscar the grouch, Owl, Olive oyll, Over-alls, Outlaw, Oompa loompa, Obama, Osama, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Octopus, Orc, Ogre, Oreo, Oriental, Old time entertainment (Hair-bands, Old movie stars, ect.), Ozzy Osbourne.

Can you make a list of songs that start with the letter S?

Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town, Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones), Scotch and Soda (Kingston Trio), Silent Night (Christmas Carol), Sixteen Tones (Tennessee Ernie Ford), Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (The Platters), Something Like That (Tim McGraw), The South's Gonna Do It Again (Charlie Daniels Band), Sta (MORE)

Lists of restaurants that start with the letter I?

IHOP, Il Capriccio (Boston), Il Porto (Washington DC), Il Terrazzo (Phoenix), Il Terrazzo Carmine (Seattle), iNG Restaurant (Chicago), Iron Hill Brewery (Newark), Isa (San Francisco) and Island's End Bistro (Bradenton, FL) are restaurants. They begin with the letter i.

List of 5 letter words that start with S?

Saber, sable, saint, salad, satin, scare, scene, score, scout, seize, sense, shaft, shark, sight, skill, slant, sleep, slump, smile, smoke, sneak, solar, solids, sound, space, speed, spend, squid, start, steel, sugar, suite and swarm. They are 5 letter words that begin with S.

Costume party ideas starting with the letter B?

Baby. ballerina, belly dancer, batman/girl, braveheart, burgular, bear, bride/bridegroom, burlesque dancer, Buzz Lightyear, family member from the Brady Bunch, and many more.. I did some research and came up with an original idea for a 'B" Costume for my 30th birthday party. See http://costumessta (MORE)

Costumes starting with the letter W?

Witch, wizard, Wyatt Earp, Wonder Woman, Wilma Flintstone, Whoppi Goldberg, Wicked Witch of the West and waitress are costumes. They begin with the letter w.

List of cars that start with the letter s?

Toyota Solara, Toyota Supra, Caterham Super Seven HPC, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Super Bee, Pontiac Solstice, Pontiac Sunfire, Buick Skylark, Dodge Stealth, Plymouth Satellite, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Sylvia Turbo, Westfield SEiGHT, Nissan Sentra, Plymouth Superbird, Honda S2000, Audi S1, (MORE)

List of clothing that starts with the letter a?

anorak (worm coat often worn by those in the arctic) . army jacket . A-line skirt, dress or jumper . argyle sweater, argyle socks . apron . ascot (small scarf worn by men instead of a neck tie) . aloha shirt (colorful, floral print Hawaiian shirt )

List all 5 letter words that starting with s?

sable . salty . sandy . salad . share . sharp . shank . shark . skimp . skill . skirt . slime . slice . slide . slope . scuff . score . scarf . scram . small . smile . smoke . spade . spank . spark . speck . spend . spell . since . sword . sheet . sheer . sheep . sce (MORE)

What Costume starts with the letter h?

okay this is like totally coolness :) i found this like in my like brain so i am like totally like smart some like costumes atrating with like h are for like example HORSE, HORSY DRAGONFLY, HORSY DRAGON, HORSY LADYBUG, HORSY, HOBO... so like here you go so like i hope this helps P.s im like totall (MORE)

Need a list of dogs starting with the letter s?

The following breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club: · Saint Bernard · Samoyed · Schipperke · Scottish Terrier · Shetland Sheepdog · Shih Tzu · Siberian Husky · Standard Schnauzer · Sussex Spaniel

What are costumes that start with A?

Avatar Angel Ace Ventura Air Hostess Austin Powers Arab/ Arabian Princess Apple Ant Astronaut Acrobat Audrey Hepburn Alice from Alice in Wonderland Ariel from the Little Mermaid

What are some Halloween costumes that start with a the letter c?

(Warning Long list!) Below is a list of costume suitable forboth kids, men and women (And couples!) that begin with the letter C!There are also some popular characters that begin with C that you couldcopy: Chicken Clown Cat Cat Woman Crayon Cheshire Cat Cleopatra Chef Chucky Captain America Camo (MORE)