What is a make or break engine?

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A "make AND break engine" is an engine which controls power/speed by making (enabling) and breaking (disabling) the ignition cycle.

In one classic design: One or more large flywheels are attached to the crankshaft. A flyweight governor is also attached to the crankshaft. When the shaft speed slows, the flyweight falls inward, releasing a mechanism which allows the exhaust valve to open. When the piston rises to the cylinder head, the exhaust is pushed out. When the piston pulls back, suction is created. a check valve (one-way valve) in the exhaust closes. That resulting suction opens the intake valve and draw fuel/air mix in. The piston then compresses, ignition occurs, and we get a power stoke. This kicks the crankshaft speed back up. The flyweight pushes out, covering the exhaust valve, and thus blocking further engine cycles. The flywheel, crankshaft, and piston run free, on momentum, until shaft speed slows again, and the process repeats.

This is in contrast to most modern engines, which vary speed/power with a throttle, limiting and increasing fuel/air mix, but keeping the ignition cycle active at all times.
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How important is it to break in a new engine?

The best article I've read on the web concerning 4-stroke engine break in, can be found here: http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm --Ray engine break in is very important, proper break in will help ensure long engine life.

What do you do if you break a spark plug in engine?

Answer . Sometimes it's possible to buy a kit from an auto parts store andrepair the head on the engine, but most of the time you'll need toremove the head to do the job right. . Answer . It depends on what you mean by that.\n. \nIf the top insulator has broken, just use a socket to loosen (MORE)

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What is the engine break in period?

most car manufacturers recommend first 1000km -The easy way, Which in the end actually causes harm to your vehicle, Contaminating the engines oils and causing it to not last as long as possible. Would be to baby it for 1,000 miles, Then ride her hard for a while. -The best way, Is within the fir (MORE)

How do you make an engine?

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How do you break in a new 350 engine?

Just don't over-rev, lug down, overheat or drive at a constant speed for the first 300 miles, then get the break-in oil out of there and run a high quality oil for 2,000 miles. You should still be taking it easy until everything is seated, but you can drive it pretty normal until then. At 2,300 mi (MORE)

Why we need to break in a new engine?

Usually to seat the rings and bearings. When an engine is built there are stresses from things not fitting perfectly that will wear into a perfect fit if the engine is treated correctly in the first few hundred miles.. There is little indication that this is needed in modern engines. But it is an i (MORE)

What is engine break?

The Jake Brake or Jacobs Brake is a particular brand of engine brake manufactured and sold by Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Inc. While the term Jake Brake technically only describes Jake Brake brand engine brakes, it has become a genericized trademark and is often used to refer to engine brakes (MORE)

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Why Engine stops running while breaking?

Posible Answer . If the engine is cutting out when you press. the brake pedal. This is indicating a servo or vacuum leak to the servo. which will weaken the air/fuel mixture. to the extent that the car will not run. I hope this post is of use to you. best wishes

Why do engines blow when timing belts break?

The timing belt is what keeps the valves from moving in synch with the pistons. If the timing belt snaps or cogs over the pistons are likely to collide with the valves smashing them both.

How long to break in a new engine?

depends on what engine it is normally for first five hours dont ride over haif throttle, keep the load down and vary your speed, the next 5 hours keep it under three quarter throttle it takes a min of 10 hours to break in a motor some go as far as 15 hours , i would be changing your oil as well afte (MORE)

Does it ruin engine when timing belt breaks?

How can you tell it's an interference engine or If it's a non-interference engine, or if your valves are in the right place when the belt snaps? Also how can I remove the crank shaft pully?

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How do you break in a nitro engine?

Break it in as if it is a new engine start by setting all your carb needles back to factory settings, even a bit richer if possible as long as the engine stays running without flooding. heres a good guide to go by http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-racing/143096-nitro-engine-break.html

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What causes a rod to break in a car engine?

There are two reasons I can think of off the top of my head: 1. Engine oil gets low and the internal temperatures in the engine begin to rise and the rods are subjected to higher temperatures which go pass design tolerances. 2. Also, low oil levels allow friction to build up to a point where a rod (MORE)

Can engine be damaged if timing belt breaks?

On some engines yes, and on others no. Depends on if it is an interference engine or not. Replace the belt at the recommended interval as listed in your owners manual and you will not have to worry one way or the other.

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