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What is a male ballerina called?

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Because you said "Ballerina" that means the top ballet dancer in a company. There can only be one Ballerina in a company. The male counterpart would be called a Danseur Nobel. Other male dancers would be called Danseurs, or by their rank such as Principal, Soloist or Corps de ballet or just ballet dancer. The same goes for the other women in the company. They would be just called ballet dancers or by their rank. Never a Ballerina.
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What is the salary of a ballerina?

  when you start out most dancers get from 15 grand to 30 depending on the type of company. however when a ballerina becomes a principal dancer they can earn 100 grand or

What is a male gamete called?

The male gamete is a sperm. The female gamete is an ova or egg.

How do you get ballerinas feet?

Ballerinas feet are developed over many years. It is a combination of strength and flexibility that create dancers feet. Both strength and flexibility need to be gained slowly

What are ballerina flowers called?

Ballerina flowers is another name for the Fuschia flower. The Fucschia flower gets its name from its fuschia color. It is a flower that grows on shrubs and resembles a balleri

What are man ballerinas called?

male ballerinas are called danseurs.

What characteristics does a ballerina have?

  I personally think that ballerinas all have a sense of balance, and they have a lot of self-respect. Most are slight and graceful, but they don't neccesarily have to be.

What is a ballerinas dress called?

I'm pretty sure that they are all just called 'tu-tu's' Answer: The tutu is the dress most often associated wth ballet: These short dresses became popular after the Victoria
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Why are ballerinas called ballerinas?

The term "ballerina" is based off the word "ballet", with the suffix "-ina". "-ina" is a feminine suffix; note names such as "Katrina", "Sabrina", etc. Thus the term "ballerin
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When is a ballerina called or considered a prima ballerina?

A prima ballerina is the french term for a principle. When she has been appointed by the Director, that is when she becomes a Prima Ballarina. Even if a ballerina does lead ro