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What is a master plan devised for?

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Its Long-Range goals.
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What state devised a plan which called for an equal representation of congress?

The New Jersey plan called for equal representation in congress, while the Virginia plan called for representation by population. The Connecticut Compromise eventually won out

Is it masterplan or master plan?

The correct spelling according to Webster's Dictionary is master  plan. Both are used regularly and other dictionaries support both  spellings.

Who was credited with devising the anaconda plan?

The elderly General Winfield Scott. At the time, there was no 'credit' attached to this scheme. It was derided everywhere, because nobody expected it to be a long war. But in

What plans does Friar Laurence devise for Juliet?

Friar Lawrence makes a sleeping potion for her. It will make her look like she is dead. Then, after she is buried, Romeo will dig her up and she will wake. Then, they will run

What plan did montag and Faber devise?

The plan, as Faber condenses it is, "The salamander devours its own tail." When Montag goes to Faber's home, he doesn't have a clear plan of attack. He tells Faber that they

What is the rescue plan that the tucks devise for Mae?

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What plan did Bilbo devise?

He devised several plans. If you're talking about the troll scene  from the movie, An Unexpected Journey, he came up with reasons why  the trolls shouldn't eat the dwarves,