What is a medical diagnosis for a pregnant woman who goes in for labor and delivery?

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When a woman goes in to LABOR it means that she's about to give birth . Which means that her baby or babies are ready for delivery.
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What does a labor and delivery nurse do?

The labor and delivery nurse is responsible for interpreting the fetal heart rate, cervical change, and the status of the patient. We are responsible for initiiating inductions, assisting the laboring patient with pain control or helping those who chose to labor unmedicated. Once the patient is comp (MORE)

If a pregnant woman is in a car accident can it cause premature labor?

Preterm labor has been associated with trauma, including domestic abuse situations, falls and automobile accidents.. In a 1998 article in the European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, five pregnant mothers were admitted for repeated direct blunt abdominal trauma due to "f (MORE)

How do you become a labor and delivery nurse?

To become a labor and delivery nurse you need to graudate from an accredited four year instituition. Upon completion of your nursing degree you will have to pass the NCLEX-RN, which is the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. Now that you are a nurse you are allowed to speci (MORE)

What are the duties of a labor delivery nurse?

Labor Delivery Nurses assist the mother before and after the birth of the child in many areas including pain management, monitoring the mother during pregnancy, and answering any questions the mother will have during the process of the birth/pregnancy.

How to make a correct medical diagnosis?

If you are not a doctor, then go to one. The doctor is the only person qualified to make an official diagnosis. A nurse is not even qualified to make the "official" diagnosis. But it is good to research on your own issue because doctors do still miss things and it is important to be knowledgeable ab (MORE)

Can a woman get pregnant with in the six weeks after delivery?

Women after 6 weeks of deliverings of the god baby, than she can hav sex again in the holy act of kama sutra and cupcaking style. By the way, do you like ice cream? Anyways u rub the ice in the sour fanny, and u put a Chinese stick in it till it melts and bleeds. Would you like internet service prov (MORE)

What is online medical diagnosis?

Symptom checker or online medical diagnosis are websites that match symptoms with diseases. One of the best available for free, fast and easy to use is ESAGIL at esagil.org Other example is ISABEL, which is pretty good, but it is not free.

What happens when a pregnant sim goes into labor?

well hi heres what she will do first she will hold her stomach and raise her hand only on PC lol thenshe will hold her stomach and sway then she will open her arms beside her hips and squeese and grip hard the the diamond on front of her head PS all sims have it will start spinning then another diam (MORE)

What goes inside the woman to become pregnant?

I'm assuming "panis" is misspelled and supposed to say "penis". so, first off, the penis is the male reproductive organ. women do not have penises. in contrast, they have vaginas. during sexual intercourse the penis is inserted in the vagina. at the point of climax, the penis ejaculates semen whic (MORE)

What is the difference between a medical diagnosis and a psychiatric diagnosis?

Medical diagnoses are based on symptoms, signs and the results ofvarious diagnostic procedures. Some of the medical diagnoses (e.g. myocardial infarction,pneumonia, ... ) are based on medical signs, which are "physical"parameters that can be destined objectively. Other medicaldiagnoses as tension he (MORE)

Where can you get free online medical diagnosis?

ESAGIL.ORG is the most widely used by physicians as a free online medical diagnosis back up and remainder tool. People use it for orientation purposes before visiting a doctor. It matches symptoms with diseases.

What is the difference between a medical diagnosis and the diagnosis of a mental disorder?

Medical diagnoses are based on symptoms and signs some are based on symptoms only. A diagnosis of a mental disorder (psychiatric diagnosis) is based on abnormal psychological symptoms also called psychopathological phenomena. Medical signs can be determined objectively on a physical (MORE)

If a pregnant woman is 3cm and loses her mucus plug how long after will labor start?

that totally depends from person to person. Every birth and every pregnancy is different. Generally speaking though, if your waters break, your labour is a lot quicker but that is no guarantee either. I was 2 cm dilated for a month before my son was born and when my water did eventually break it too (MORE)

What is the basis of a medical diagnosis?

Signs and symptoms are the basis of a medical diagnosis . A medical diagnosis is determined through certain characteristic signs and symptoms which it is possible to conceive under this term. There are medical diagnoses which are objective knowledge . These diagnoses are based on signs (MORE)

Why a woman needs cesarean delivery?

A C-section only happens when there are labor complications that can pose a dangerous and/or sometimes lethal threat to the mother and/or child.

How dilated do you have to be to be admitted in labor and delivery?

Depends. If you have a very straightforward, low risk pregnancy and are not group b strep positive, your baby's heart rate is normal and he/she is active, and there are no other concerns the general rule is: If you are a first time mom (primipara) you should be 3-4 cm with regular, strong contractio (MORE)

How much does a medical diagnosis make?

The Medical Industry is Designed to Receive Income from "Diagnoses". In the USA, Insurance Companies won't pay the doctors' Offices if the Diagnosis of the patient is Not Negative. They are All "In It Together". They Support each other in order to Support the Diagnosis.

Is pregnant woman allowed to take diabetic medication?

Yes, but you may want to speak to your obgyn about the safety of your prescription. They may have to switch you to a different kind. Some women develop temporary diabetes during pregnancy, called gestational diabetes and when it becomes severe it is treated with medication as well.

Can a 47 year old woman get pregnant without medical intervention?

Yes, she can as long as she is till ovulating and her luteal phase is longer than 10 days. In fact many women have gotten pregnant and give birth to health babies well into their forties. It is a factor of age but also of reproductive health that can improved naturally by following a fertility clean (MORE)

What is a medical clinical diagnosis?

A clinical diagnosis is one based on observations during the history and physical. It doesn't involve laboratory or imaging to make the diagnosis.

What is the meaning of a medical diagnosis?

There is only one meaning to medical diagnosis (or just diagnosis). The meaning of medical diagnosis refers to attempting to determine or identify a disease or disorder.

Why do companies charge labor and delivery?

Companies have to charge for labour and delivery in order to keep on operating. The accoucheuse, doctor or pediatrician, hospital room, drugs and so on needs to paid for as well.

What is abnormal labor and delivery called?

There is no legal of medical term for abnormal labor and delivery. The term abnormal or atypical would be used to describe the labor and delivery that was different from what is considered normal.