What is a mediterranean?

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Well... If you are talking about a person then a Mediterranean is someone who is from that area of the world around the Mediterranean sea. If you are talking about a place then it would be the large sea that is South of Europe and North of Africa. Beyond that I don't have the foggiest!
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What is a Mediterranean climate like?

The Mediterranean climate is a special type of subtropical climategenerally found in the subtropical latitudes. The Mediterraneanclimate is characterized by a summer drought,

What is a Mediterranean country?

A Mediterranean country is a country that borders the Mediterranean Sea . The Mediterranean countries are: . Albania . Algeria . Croatia . Cyprus . Egypt . France . G

What is a Mediterranean Three-Master?

a boat ... with sails Xebec . a small, three-masted vessel of the Mediterranean, formerly much used by corsairs, now employed to some extent in commerce.. Also, chebeck ,