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A monitor a student appointed to assist a teacher.
A monitor is a type of large lizard.
A monitor is a video screen used for display television pictures or computer information.
A monitor is a heavily armored warship.
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What is monitoring and what is the difference of monitoring and evaluation?

Monitoring -Ongoing analysis of project progress towards  achieving planned results with the purpose of improving management  decision making    Evalution - Assessmen

What is a monitor speaker as apposed to PA or bookshelf in acoustic applications?

Traditionally, monitor speakers were studio speakers used for recording and mixing. They were designed to provide a flat and uncolored response and that allowed the engineer

What is a monitor used for on a computer?

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What is monitoring?

Monitoring is the process of checking the computers, systems, and services that comprise a network. This examination allows a network administrator to maintain a robust networ

What is the monitor password?

The password is set by the local school system, therefore only the school administrators and teachers know the AR password.

What are the parts of monitor?

Basic Parts of a Monitor Front Screen Power Switch Brightness Contrast Swivel Case  

What is the Monitor and the Merrimac?

They were two ships in the US Navy at the start of the Civil War. Actually, the Merrimac was burned to the waterline and sunk. The Confederates raised it and used it to crea

What is the meaning of monitor and what are the duties of a monitor?

It is a device connected to a computer that displays information on a screen. A monitor can also be a person who watches. For example, a monitor could be present while a test
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What is a monitor lizard?

Monitors (not monitor screens) are lizards that come from the family Varanidae. you can find many different species of monitors from ones that are 10cm long that fit in the pa

Why is a computer monitor called a 'monitor'?

 Answer   In computing, monitor is just another term for display screen. The term monitor, however, usually refers to the entire box, whereas display screen can mean j

What does a monitor?

Monitors were heavily armored and heavily gunned naval vessels, normally assigned to rivers (inland waters). They were most often distinguished by their revolving armored gun