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A monitor a student appointed to assist a teacher.
A monitor is a type of large lizard.
A monitor is a video screen used for display television pictures or computer information.
A monitor is a heavily armored warship.
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What is a monitor lizard?

Monitors (not monitor screens) are lizards that come from the family Varanidae. you can find many different species of monitors from ones that are 10cm long that fit in the pa

In battleship world what is a monitor?

Go to this site if you want to know about the Civil War battleship USS Monitor. Sometimes a gun turret is refered to as a monitor. Also a stationary fire fighting nozzle onboa

What is a monitor screen?

The monitor is a screen used for a computer or a laptop. The one you're looking at right now to see this answer.

What is a monitor greeter?

a person whom is stationed at a desk, perhaps an event ie: school, Business event, ensure safety procedures are followed, visitors sign-in, sign-out, direct people to location

What is a monitor bone?

Answer: Well my brother was sitting on my mom when we were gonna watch a show together and she kept on telling him where to sit and she said "no no your on the monitor" then

What is a monitor used for on a computer?

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What is a monitor cable?

A moderately thick cable which relays information from a computer to a desktop monitor. It tells the monitor what colors to display to form pictures and your desktop.
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What is a monitor arm used for?

A monitor arm is a stand that replaces the one that comes with a monitor. It attaches using the VESA mounting points, and places the monitor at the end of an adjustable, sprin

What is a monitor mode?

A monitor mode is usually accessed by pressing one of the buttons on your monitor, and gives you access to advanced settings like: Color management, Brightness settings, a