What is multi-threading?

Answer . \nmultithreading is the process of creating threads and assigning task to each thread and each thread works simultaneously and thus increasing the efficiencey

What is multi-tasking and multi-processing?

Multi-tasking is a sort of generic term that can mean almost anything, so I'm guessing that you might be referring to multi-threading. (To my knowledge and recollection, multi (MORE)
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What is multi narrative?

A multi-narrative is where a story is told from multiple points of view. It can be the same incident seen from more than one perspective (e.g. Teacher's Dead by B Zephaniah h (MORE)

What is multi user multi task?

Multi User: In the computer usage, if there are more CPUs and moreusers are connected to the same computer with more cpu buit intoit. So that any user request may be diverted (MORE)

What is multi culturalisme?

Multiculturalism is a recognition of cultural pluralism and promotion. In contrast to trends in modern societies, the cultural unity and universality, multiculturalism is (MORE)

What is multi-occupations?

Well, multi means many and occupations means a job or what you do for a living. Put multi and occupations together and there you go! You did it lol Hope this helps :)

What is multi-genre?

First: genre means a type of literature or art. So, multi-genremeans an artistic expression that combines more than one type ofliterature or art