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What is a musk ox's adaptations?

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one is that the hooves are capable of breaking ice so the oxen can drink during winter when the lakes are frozen thick fur insulates to keep oxen warm. eyes are adapted to see in really bright lights or really dark the horns warn off predators.
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What is Paul Bunyan's ox's name?

Answer   His ox's name was babe, and that was his only ox. Babe the blue ox Babe, the blue ox

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What is the musk ox's symbiotic relationship?

The musk ox has a symbiotic relationship with a tick that drinks  its blood. It is a parasitic relationship, because the ox loses  blood while the tick gains a source of nut

What is a musk turtle?

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Do musk ox eat meat?

No musk ox do not eat meat, they are herbivores.

What are the uses of musk?

Muslims use Musk as fragrance and deodorant . in addition , Muslim women clean her vaginal opening by musk after taking shower in the end of her menstrual cycle .

Musk oxen behavioral adaptations to the wild?

A way in which Musk ox's have adapted behaviourally is in their defence. When a herd of musk ox is attacked in the wild by wolves, the adults will form a defensive circle by a

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