What is a navy yeomans duty?

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Yeoman's duty or yeoman's service means the performance of a great, excellent service to others. - Paul R. Stang
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What are the duties of a chief petty officer in the navy?


What jobs can you get leaving the navy as a yeoman?

Data entry would be a big one. Many administrative jobs that deal with record keeping and document handling would be a good fit. And leadership experience is also valuable. In general a Yeoman would make a good executive assistant or secretary. .

What is a US Navy Yeoman?

A Yeoman (YN) rating is a clerk or records keeper. "A yeoman must be of keen intellect, ambitious worker, conscientious objector towards right or wrong, a brilliant conversationalist, a dramatic orator, an excellent mathematician, a handsome courier, and a genial personality. Very few of the spe (MORE)

What to do in the navy?

Navy is one of the five branches of the Military: First you enlist in the Navy. Then you are sworn into the Navy. (If you pass inspection) After that you are shipped off to Boot Camp. (Estimate: Eight Weeks After) If you make it though Boot Camp, You go to A School. Last but not leas (MORE)

What is a yeoman?

The Yeoman was a social class that started in Medieval England.Back in the old days, It referred to an attendant in a noblehousehold. Its current usage means a commoner who cultivates hisown land.

What was the typical tour of duty in Vietnam for the Navy?

The US Navy had two navies during the Vietnam War: the Brown Water Navy and the regular fleet. The Brown Water Navy was the "Riverine Forces", consisting of Swift Boats (PCF-Patrol Craft Fast), PBR's (Patrol Boat River), Alpha Boats (ASPB-Assault Support Patrol Boats), and Monitors (River Battleship (MORE)

What are yeoman farmers?

The term 'yeoman' is associated with land, or degree of landownership, and may have its ancient roots in the early Anglo-Saxonrule of England or earlier. In ancient times the land was a strongindicator of social status and wealth, since the period known asthe Dark Ages, and terms like 'yeoman farmer (MORE)

Yeoman in the navy?

Yeoman is a group that specializes in maintaining the crew's records. They know the regulations and deal with all correspondence for the ship.

What social class was yeoman in?

Here is my understanding: It depends on the century, but generallyspeaking Yeoman are middle class landowners who do not havetennants. They may have owned between 300 and 1000 acres. Those whodid much of the labor themselves may have been looked on by uppermiddle class landowners- those with tennent (MORE)

Who was the yeoman?

The Yeoman was a master woodsman, he accompanied the knight when he was needed. In the Canterbury Tales Chaucer almost regards the Yeoman as only a servant, but in fact the Yeoman owned his own land and sometimes also served as a retainer, guard, attendant, or subordinate official.

What did yeoman wear?

A yeoman usually wore a rug on his head, covered with silk and embroidered with special designs. They also wore cloaks and hoods to cover themselves since they were pertained to a social class and were considered to have nobility.

What is form number for a Navy light duty chit?

All light duty chits are internally generated for each unit. There is usually a normal format that they follow but you really only need a medical officer's stamp and signature on a piece of paper that reads "this person is on light duty for ____ many days, and is restricted from doing ________ ." th (MORE)

Where did yeoman farmers live?

Yeomen farmers lived wherever they could purchase ten acres or so of areable land to support their family on subsistence farming. Generally half their cultivation was in food for the family and half in forage for animals. They often experimented with cash crops or products such as whisky to generat (MORE)

Why the Army and Navy were separated under duties of congress?

The Framers of the Constitution of the United States of 1787 were fearful of a standing army. They believed that the greatest threat to the liberty of a free people was a standing army. As such, they believed the best defense militarily are militias, which are citizen run volunteer units that only e (MORE)

United states navy insignia for communications yeoman?

I believe it was a quill crossed by a lightnining bolt. The quilldesignates the duties of a yeoman and the lightnin bolt designatesthe duties of a Radioman. The rating was disestablished in 1974 andthis rating symbol is now used for Communications Technician. I was a Communications Yeoman from 1968 (MORE)

Yeoman Wardens can tell you the history of?

Britain's military history as well as the history of the Tower of London and similar stories associated with Old London. Yeoman Warders and other Yeoman officers work at the Tower of london and are all retired servicemen from the British armed forces. Upon my last visit to the tower of London I ha (MORE)

What did a yeoman wear?

In the 19th century, the Yeoman warders wore long, red tunics. Theyalso wore hats and Tudor style stockings and shoes.

What does a yeoman wear?

In the US Navy, someone with a rating of yeoman has insignia that looks like two quill pens crossed.

Who is yeoman in The Canterbury Tales?

The Yeoman does not play that important of a part in the tales because the narrator does not know him well. Chaucer does know that he accompanies the Knight and the Squire. He is dressed and equiped well because he is in company with such high ranking officials. Chaucer, the narrator, suggests that (MORE)

Can you go from airforce active duty to navy active duty?

With few special exceptions, no. You would have to complete your Air Force contract first. As for the exceptions, we'd be talking about something like attending and completing BUD/S as an Air Force service member, then transferring to a SEAL team.

What class would a yeoman be in?

Yeomen were mostly farmers. They were considered to be a step above freemen or tenant farmers, who paid rent in money, who were, in turn, a step above most serfs. The yeomen were actual owners of small holdings of land, but land holdings small enough that they were not landlords themselves. They had (MORE)

What did yeoman do?

A yeoman was an an attendant in a noble household. Later, the termwas used for a farmer who owned his own land.

What were the values of yeoman farmers?

For a large group of yeomen, independence and not wealth wasimportant. Yeomen were small farmers who (60% owned their ownfarms) grew enough vegetables to feed their families,grew enoughcotton each year to have little cash. They very high value yeomenplaced on freedon grew directly from their own exp (MORE)

What is the main duty of the coast gard verses the navy?

The Coast Guard is a civilian force while the Navy is a military force. (The Police Department is also a civilian force while the Army is a military force.) The Coast Guard has responsibilities for law enforcement, boating safety, and search and rescue. It mainly deals with people of this country, p (MORE)

What was the job of a yeoman in Medieval Times?

A yeoman was an independent farmer who had his own land. Apart from farming, he had duties to be ready to serve as a soldier, usually as an archer. There is a link below to an article on yeomen, beginning at the section on yeomen of the Middle Ages.

What is a yeoman in the medieval world?

Yeoman has several meanings in the middle ages. Etymologically the term seems to be a reduction of "young man", and in the households the the greater aristocracy it was sometimes used to indicate someone of servant rank. In the high and later middle ages it also refered to a substantial but non-aris (MORE)

What are your duties in the navy?

To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, bear true faith and allegiance to the same, obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of (MORE)

How does someone become an actual yeoman?

One can become a yeoman in the United States Navy by being a US citizen and being able to type 40 words per minute. A yeoman performs secretarial or clerical duties.

What is a yeoman in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'?

The term yeoman has had several meanings throughout history(particularly in the military); however, in the context below, itmeans a land-owner or farmer. The same word occurs in 'TheAdventure of the Sussex Vampire' with a similar definition yet theterm 'yeomanry' is used by Holmes in 'The Adventure (MORE)

Do navy carrier pilots stand watch duties?

All officers on the ship, pilots included, stand watch. The watch that most pilots want to pull is LSO, Landing Signal Officer, as they are the ones helping guide other pilots onto the boat.

What is a Yeoman Warder?

A yeoman warder is a member of the British monarch's legion ofguards, who guards the royal surroundings.

What has the author Yeoman of Kent written?

Yeoman of Kent. has written: 'The landed interest consider'd: being serious advice to Gentlemen, Yeomen, Farmers and others, concerned in the ensuing election' -- subject(s): Politics and government, 1714-1727, Great Britain

What has the author K A Yeomans written?

K. A. Yeomans has written: 'The relative efficiency of alternative stratification factors in the first stage of a multi-stage national sample design' 'Statistics for the social scientist'

What has the author Christopher Yeoman written?

Christopher Yeoman has written: 'Tiger cub' -- subject(s): Great Britain. Royal Air Force. Squadron, 74, British Aerial operations, Great Britain, Distinguished Flying Cross (Medal), World War, 1939-1945, Fighter pilots, Biography

What has the author John Yeoman written?

John Yeoman has written: 'The young performing horse' -- subject(s): Children's stories 'Mouse trouble' -- subject(s): Mice, Cats, Friendship, Juvenile fiction, Fiction 'The family album' 'The bear's water picnic' -- subject(s): Fiction, Picnicking, Animals 'The bear's winter house' -- sub (MORE)