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What is a null macro what is the difference between a null pointer and a null macro?

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NULL Macro is simply what is defined as 0 in a macro provided by the library

Null pointer is a pointer which has 0 or NULL value stored and points to nowhwere still it points to 0x00 i.e. the first memory location of the OS

Null pointer != Uninitialized pointer because an uninitialised pointer can point anywhere in the memory location ...but a NULL pointer surely points to no where(but still behind the scene we can say that it only points to 0x00). Never we can retrive a Null pointer location using th"&" operator..neither will malloc/calloc return NULL IF THERE IS SPACE IN THE MEMORY. NULL pointer is unique !!
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What is a NULL Pointer?

A pointer variable which is declared but not initialized is called a NULL POINTER. ex: int *p;     Please don't use the above. A NULL pointer is a specific value

What is a NULL Macro?

define pi 3.17 // tihs is a preprocessing directive macro. "pi" is called macro template " 3.17" is the macro value. means in entire program pi value is 3.17. if we declared

What is NULL Pointer?

When a  pointer refers initial address in memory or 0th address  in memory it is called null pointer. 

What is Difference between null macro and null pointer?

Using a NULL macro to make C portable  I'll assume that you're asking your question for C type language programming. A NULL pointer is a pointer that's guarnteed to point to

What is null macro?

The NULL macro is an implementation-defined macro. It is used to  symbolise the zero address (0x0) in C programs and older C++  programs. It is not type safe, but is the con

What is the difference between null pointer uninitialized pointer?

A null pointer is a pointer that has been initialised with the NULL value (zero). An uninitialised pointer is one that has not be initialised to any value and will in fact sto

Difference between null pointer and void pointer?

A NULL pointer is a pointer variable that stores the value zero. Although there is a memory address at offset 0, this value is reserved to indicate that the pointer is not poi

Difference between NULL and NUL?

NUL usually refers to the NUL device as used in CP/M, DOS and Windows. It is also an abbreviation for the null character ('\\0'). NUL has no meaning with regards C/C++. In C/

Difference between void pointer and null pointer?

A Null pointer has the value 0. void pointer is a generic pointer introduced by ANSI. Before ANSI, char pointers are used as generic pointer. Generic pointer can hold the addr

What is the difference between Uninitialized pointers and Null Pointers?

Unitialized pointer may contain any value, so if you should use them, the results are unpredictable; NULL value on the other hands explicitly means that the pointer does not p

What is the difference between null pointer ASCII null character and null string?

A null pointer is a pointer which does not point to any valid memory location, and usually contains the binary value "0" to represent this (this is language dependent). The AS

What is the difference between null and void pointers?

A NULL pointer is any pointer (including a void pointer) that has been initialised but is not currently pointing at anything valid. A void pointer is one that can be assigned