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What is a null macro what is the difference between a null pointer and a null macro?

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NULL Macro is simply what is defined as 0 in a macro provided by the library

Null pointer is a pointer which has 0 or NULL value stored and points to nowhwere still it points to 0x00 i.e. the first memory location of the OS

Null pointer != Uninitialized pointer because an uninitialised pointer can point anywhere in the memory location ...but a NULL pointer surely points to no where(but still behind the scene we can say that it only points to 0x00). Never we can retrive a Null pointer location using th"&" operator..neither will malloc/calloc return NULL IF THERE IS SPACE IN THE MEMORY. NULL pointer is unique !!
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Difference between null pointer and void pointer?

A NULL pointer is a pointer variable that stores the value zero. Although there is a memory address at offset 0, this value is reserved to indicate that the pointer is not poi

What is the difference between a null and loop-back interface?

Loop, is a word. We could say that the Earth loops the sun. Because the Earth in his orbit, has always the same path, so is going nowhere, its looping and never stop. Around a

What are the difference between null and undefined in Javascript?

undefined means a variable has been declared but has not yet  been assigned a value. On the other hand, null is an  assignment value. It can be assigned to a variable as a 

What is a NULL Pointer?

A pointer variable which is declared but not initialized is called a NULL POINTER. ex: int *p;     Please don't use the above. A NULL pointer is a specific value

Differences between null and alternative hypothesis?

The null hypothesis expresses the likelihood that the event will NOT occur or be significant, while the alternative hypothesis states the likelihood that it will.

What is the difference between Uninitialized pointers and Null Pointers?

Unitialized pointer may contain any value, so if you should use them, the results are unpredictable; NULL value on the other hands explicitly means that the pointer does not p

What is the size of null pointer?

A NULL pointer has the same size as a non NULL pointer. NULL means that the pointer has been set to the NULL value that is usually zero (0) but the NULL value is at the digres

What is null pointer and is it same as an uninitialized pointer?

An uninitialized pointer is a pointer that has not been assigned a value; it's uninitialized. The value of an uninitialized pointer is undefined (it could be anything). A

What is null pointer assignment?

A pointer variable holds the address of a location in memory. But if the pointer hasn't been given a valid address, you can't dereference it. or A pointer that does not point

Solution to null pointer assignment error?

Answer  #ifndef NULL   # define NULL ((void*)0)   #endif   Answer  Don't use pointers that contain NULL-value. Eg:    int *myptr= NULL;   ...   *

What is Difference between null macro and null pointer?

Using a NULL macro to make C portable  I'll assume that you're asking your question for C type language programming. A NULL pointer is a pointer that's guarnteed to point to

What is the difference between null hypothesis and research questions?

  The hypothesis in research is an idea or concept that may be true. Through proper experimentation, a hypothesis can become a fact. So, in research, you test a hypothesis
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Difference between null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis?

The difference between the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis are on the sense of the tests. In statistical inference, the null hypothesis should be in a positive

What is the difference between null array and an empty array?

There is no null array as such. However, a pointer to an array may be nullified (pointing to zero) before memory is allocated to it, or after that memory is released. But the

Difference between void pointer and null pointer?

A Null pointer has the value 0. void pointer is a generic pointer introduced by ANSI. Before ANSI, char pointers are used as generic pointer. Generic pointer can hold the addr