What is a papal marquis?

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A papal marquis is a layman who has received a high title of nobility from the reigning pope. As Heads of State the popes are competent to create nobles and confers knighthoods and other decorations. All are recognised in international law. The papal noble titles range from duke and duchess to marquis, to count and countess. These noble titles are rarely conferred today. however, Pope John Paul II did make several creations. Papal knighthoods are given out regularly. American financier George MacDonald was created a papal marquis for his generosity towards the church and its charity. Rose Kennedy was created a papal countess in the early 1950s. Irish tenor John McCormick was a papal count. Genevieve Brady, a wealthy Long Island patron of Vatican charities was created a papal duchess.
Papal orders of knighthood include the Order of Christ, Order of The Golden Spur, Order of Pius, Order of St Gregory, Order of St Sylvester and the Order of The Holy Sepulcher.
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What is the doctrine of Papal Infallibility?

Answer . Papal Infallibility is a doctrine of the Catholic Church that makes the Pope -head of the Bishops- responsible for his edicts in matters of faith and morals. By its virtue the Pope is considered to be incapable to deceive or mislead in such matters. The Catholic Church understands it as (MORE)

What is a Marquis?

Answer . A marquis is a lighted billboard or sign that gives information about a subject such as a movie marquis.It can also advertise, relay messages,bible quotes, time frames plus lots of other information. What you view on a marquis also depends on the area of the country that you live (MORE)

What are the Papal States?

The Papal States were territories in central Italy that the Catholic Church had control over. The control of this land kept the popes involved in political matters, which was often at the expense of their spiritual obligations.

Whats the papal bull?

Answer . A Papal bull is an announcement made by the Pope.. Answer . A Papal bull is an announcement made by the Pope.

What is the papal flag?

the papal flag is the flag of vatican city. it has a tiara or the popes crown and 2 keys.

When did Vince Papale play?

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What is the name of the Papal Court?

It is no longer called the Papal Court nor does it govern the Church. Since 1968 it has been called the Papal Household or Pontifical Household and consists of dignitaries who assist the Pope in carrying out particular ceremonies of either a religious or a civil character. .

Do you have to be Swiss to join the Swiss papal guard?

Not only must you be Swiss, but you must also have these qualities: You must be a Catholic, single male with active Swiss citizenship and have completed your basic training in the Swiss military with exemplary conduct. You must have at least a high school diploma, be between 19 to 30 years old and (MORE)

Why were papal bulls called that?

A leaden seal is affixed around a cord and attached to the proclamation. These leaden seals are called bullae. Every papal proclamation has the papal bullae attached to it. On one side of the papal bullae is an engraved picture of two saints, and on the other side is the name and seal of the issuing (MORE)

Do you agree with the doctrine of the church about papal infallibility?

The fact that the doctrine of papal infallibilty only became official church teaching in 1870 after much heated debate and at a time when papal power and authority over the Church was at its height speaks for itself. There are also those who say it is a logical impossibilty for how does the pope kno (MORE)

What are the most popular papal names?

Papal names are often used again in honour of the saint that bore the name or out of respect and emulation of a previous pope who bore the name or because the meaning of the name is some virtue the pope wishes to emphasize. Here are some of the more popular papal names that have been used and used a (MORE)

What is a papal?

Papal is an adjective that denotes something having to do with the pope, such as the Papal Apartments, etc.

How long was the shortest papal reign?

The popes with the shortest terms of office are:. Urban VII (Sep 15-27, 1590): 13 days . Boniface VI (Apr 896): 16 days . Celestine IV (Oct 25-Nov 10, 1241): 17 days . Theodore II (Dec 897): 20 days . Sisinnius (Jan 15-Feb 4, 708): 21 days . Marcellus II (Apr 9-May 1, 1555): 22 days . Damasus (MORE)

What is papal infalliability?

The Doctrine of Papal Infallibility means the pope cannot error when issuing decrees or declarations on matters of faith and morals.

What are papal indulgenses?

A papal indulgence was a formal abatement of the time that a sinner would presumably suffer in purgatory. They were granted by the popes as a reward for good acts. Sometimes, the good act consisted merely of donating large amounts of money to the Church.

What is a papal name?

This is the name that a person takes when becoming a pope. It is used instead of the person's birth name.

Who has to kiss the pope's papal ring?

Anyone who meets with the pope. They do not have to kiss the ring, but kissing the ring is showing respect to the holy person of the Roman Catholic Church.

What is the papal cross?

The papal cross or ferula is an emblem of the papal office. As a material cross, it was carried before the Roman pontiff in processions or was used by him as his pastoral staff.

Why does the pope live in the Papal Palace?

The pope is provided with a place to stay in the Vatican as a partof his position. Pope Francis has chosen to not live in theApostolic Palace and has chosen to live in a modest apartment inCasa Marta, a hostel for visiting dignitaries in the Vatican.

When was papal infallibility last invoked?

To the best of my knowledge the last time the pope spoke infalliblywas on October 17, 2010, when he canonized 6 new saints. Answer: The most recent use (as of June 2, 2013) of infallibility occurredon May 12, 2013, when Pope Francis declared 800 martyrs of Otranto,Italy, who were killed by Islam (MORE)

What does a papal cross signify?

Answer :. When clergy enter a church in procession, it is normal for a crossbearer to lead. In the past, whenever a bishop presided, a smaller cross/crucifix was carried immediately in front of him. This practise is maintained in some High Anglican parishes though it has never been done in Orthodo (MORE)

What is papal infallibilty?

When the pope speaks ex cathedra (from the chair) on matters of faith and morals his words are without error and become part of Catholic doctrine. Except for declaring saints, the infallibility issue has only been used twice - when the pope declared the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mar (MORE)

Who is Papal Bull Ad Abolendam?

It is not a person, but rather a particular type of letters patent or charter issued by a pope (in this case Pope Innocent III). The Papal Bull Ad Abolendam basically was letter declaring war on heretics.

Why are the Papal States called Papal States?

The Papal States were also sometimes called the States of the Church, the Ecclesiastical States, or the Pontifical States, and they existed from roughly the sixth century to 1861 or 1870. In that long, long era, there was no central, unified Italian nation or government. Instead, the Italian peninsu (MORE)

What is the papal chair?

Every bishop has a chair, called a cathedra , which was traditional symbol of his teaching and leadership role. The church where the bishops cathedra is located is called a cathedral, and is the 'mother-church' of the diocese which that bishop serves. The pope is the bishop of Rome, so his chair - (MORE)

What is a papal envoy?

A papal envoy is a representative of the Catholic church who is sent on a special mission, much the same as an ambassador in the political realm.

Why are papal proclamations called bulls?

A leaden seal is affixed around a cord and attached to the proclamation. These leaden seals are called bullae. Every papal proclamation has the papal bullae attached to it. On one side of the papal bullae is an engraved picture of two saints, and on the other side is the name and seal of the issuing (MORE)

When does the pope wear the papal tiara?

In this century, popes do no longer wear papal tiara, but until the 20th century, Popes worn their Papal Tiara in the very first time in their own coronation mass. In other times, The Pope wears his Tiara during special and regular masses and In Urbi Et Orbi speeches.

Which is the capital of the Papal State?

Vatican City is the Papal State, anindependent city-state located in Rome, Italy. The actual PapalStates cesed to exist in the 19th century witht he reunification ofItaly.

Who was the first Indian Papal Zouave?

The only place I know of, outside of the Vatican Archives (which would entail a trip to the Vatican and permission to view the Archives, and, oh yes, a knowledge of French and Latin) you might find your answer in the book, The Pope's Legion , by Charles Coulombe, which you may find at the two sites (MORE)

Are the popes kings of the papal state?

They were, from 754 to 1870 with a couple of breaks during the Avignon papacy and the invasion of Napoleon. Since 1929, the pope has been sovereign of the Vatican City State.

What is a papal investigation?

A papal investigation is an investigation called for by the pope to look into a organization or institute that are doing things that are wrong, immoral, and against the teachings of the Catholic Church. He always appoints a committee to conduct the investigation which usually lasts a few months or a (MORE)

What is happening in the papal election?

As of the present moment (Wednesday, March 13, 2012, 2:16 eastern daylight savings time) a new Pope has been elected (as indicated by the white smoke) but the identity of the new Pope has not yet been revealed. Doubtlessly we will know who it is, later today.

What is Vince Papale best known for?

Vince Papale was born in Pennsylvania in 1946 and is famous for playing American Football professionally as Wide Receiver position. In the National Football League he played for the Philadelphia Eagles for three seasons and afterwards he played for the Philadelphia Bell in the World Football League. (MORE)

What do you call a papal messenger?

A messenger or ambassador from the Roman Catholic Pope is called anuncio. Nuncio comes from the Latin word for messenger. A nunciomay represent the Pope in foreign countries.

What is the absolute location of the Papal States?

The Papal States are the territory ruled by the Pope. Formerly the Papal States consisted of most of central Italy, plussome other territories, for example Avignon which is now in France.The Papal States varied in size throughout history, and in someperiods did not exist. The territory currently rul (MORE)