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In electrical circuits series and parallel are two basic ways of wiring components. The naming comes after the method of attaching components, i.e. one after the other, or next to each other. As a demonstration, consider a very simple circuit consisting of two light bulbs and one 9V battery. If a wire joins the battery to one bulb, to the next bulb, then back to the battery, in one continuous loop, the bulbs are said to be in series. If, on the other hand, each bulb is wired separately to the battery it is wired in a parallel circuit.
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How do I connect a parallel printer to network?

  Answer   1) You hook the printer up to a computer and make it shareable on the  local network. You can then go to other computers on the network and  add a a new

What happens when you connect capacitors in parallel?

When capacitors are connected in parallel, the total capacitance is  the sum of the individual capacitors' capacitances. If two or more  capacitors are connected in parallel

What are theDisadvantages of parallel connection?

The main Disadvantage of parallel connection is that it uses more hardware resources for example if you want to communicate between two system using parallel connection than i

Why domestic appliances are connected in parallel?

If connected in series, the same current passes thru all the appliances. So, always all of them are in the same state ie all of them are running or all of them are idle. Also,

Why Voltmeter is always connected in parallel?

An ideal voltmeter has infinite impedance(resistance). If you were to break the circuit and put it in series and try to make a measurement, it is easy to see that the circuit

Why does an ammeter burns out when connected in parallel?

A: An ammeter actually is a voltmeter measuring the voltage drop across a very small shunt resistance. They can measure AC or DC, make sure the meter is rated for the anticipa

Formula for capacitors connected in parallel?

if capacitors are connected parallel across the source the formula will be, c=c1+c2+c3+.. if c1,c2,c3..... are the capacitors.. if they are connected in series then the f

Can transformers be connected in parallel?

Yes, we can connect transformers in parallel. For this operation we should know the polarity of the transformers. If we connect transformers in parallel the total output curre

Why are transformers connected in parallel?

It is common to pull parallel conductors to a transformer when the expected current is high enough. It can become difficult to pull 400A and larger wire so you can use 2,3 or

What happens when voltmeter is connected in parallel?

It will allow to read the voltage to reflect the present current flow When a voltmeter is connected across a load, it will read the voltage dropped across the circuit load. I

Why don't the parallel lines connect?

They don't meet because they are the exact same distance apart of both sides of the line and they are completely straight. No matter how long you stretch them, they will remai