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In electrical circuits series and parallel are two basic ways of wiring components. The naming comes after the method of attaching components, i.e. one after the other, or next to each other. As a demonstration, consider a very simple circuit consisting of two light bulbs and one 9V battery. If a wire joins the battery to one bulb, to the next bulb, then back to the battery, in one continuous loop, the bulbs are said to be in series. If, on the other hand, each bulb is wired separately to the battery it is wired in a parallel circuit.
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When do you need to connect the generator in parallel?

When you wish to bring a second generator on-line in order to do maintenance on the first one. They would be connected in parallel, but not yet switched on together, until you

What is a parallel port used to connect?

A parallel port can be used to connect a large number of devices. The most common usage was for printers, although scanners, external disk drives, and network adapters also us

Can you connect batteries in series and parallel?

Yes, series and parallel connection of batteries is possible. When connected in series Voltage increases. In parallel, Current increases but voltage is constant.

What are theDisadvantages of parallel connection?

The main Disadvantage of parallel connection is that it uses more hardware resources for example if you want to communicate between two system using parallel connection than i

Why are lamps connected in parallel?

If lamps were connected in series, if one light blew out, the entire system would shut down. Although this is true, the main reason is that, by connecting each lamp in parall

What connects to the parallel port?

The parallel port can be used for many different devices. It is most commonly used for printers, giving the parallel port the nickname "The printer port". It is also commonly

What is meaning of series and parallel connection?

If you connect a device like a LED or a speaker in series, that means that you connect the positive terminal of one speaker/LED to the negative terminal of the other speaker/L

What is the advantages of parallel connection of batteries?

all the batteries connected in parallel to the source will get exactly the same power provided and if one branch is faulty, the whole connection to other batteries won't be af

What are the laws of series and parallel connection?

1.In series connection the total resistance is equal the total number of resistor that was connected in series 2.the current is constant in a series connection 3.in a se

Why ammeter cannot be connected in parallel?

An ammeter has low resistance (ideally no resistance) because it is placed in series with other circuit elements to detect how much current is flowing. If it is placed in para

What happens when you connect capacitors in parallel?

When capacitors are connected in parallel, the total capacitance is  the sum of the individual capacitors' capacitances. If two or more  capacitors are connected in parallel