What is a parallel connector?

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A parallel connector, or parallel port, is an interface used to connect a computer to some external peripheral. An example of things that can hook up to a computer using a parallel port include a printer and/or a scanner. More recently, the USB interface has become extremely common and most types of devices that used to commonly hook up via parallel port now hook up by USB instead.
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What are parallels?

Answer . Sometimes people call lines of latitude parallels. Latitude lines are the lines that are located north and south of the equator.

What are ports and connectors?

Ports are any cable or device connection point designed to plug in peripherals etc. into the computer. They are commonly known as i/o ports (input/ output). Connectors are the same thing.

What is a rca connector?

An RCA connector is a connector developed by the company RCA. Hints the name. Anyway it is a simple connector that has an outer sleeve and a prong in the middle. You see these type of connectors everywhere. They are on the back of most TVs, DVD players, VCRs and Cassette Decks. To make a connection (MORE)

What is parallel?

Parallel is two lines that run side by side and never touch. Such as the (=) sign

What is a LAN connector?

LANs are networks that connect devices, like computers and printers, over short distances typically within an office premises or campus.Communication devices are connected through cables within a distance of 2000 feet. . Newer terms like Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN) and Blutooth technology a (MORE)

What is a Boolean Connector?

Boolean connectors include "OR," "AND," and "NOT." They may join keywords or keyword phrases. People may use Boolean connectors to refine searches when using a search engine.

What is a parallel?

straight lines that will never touch, intersect, or cross. these lines are parallel }___________ ___________

What is an P3 connector?

A P3 connector stands for Phase 3 connector. It is a cable that ismost frequently used for sound equipment such as speakers.

What is parallelism?

Physics and Geometry It is when two rays or a line segment can go on and onwithout touching. Parallelism refers to sentence structures that include similar wordor phrase patterns. Sentence and list structure Parallelism is about consistency, and having all the parts in thesame form. In a senten (MORE)

What is a connector?

A device to allow two parts of an electronic system to communicate while also allowing them to be separated for removal and/or replacement.

What is a p1 connector?

A P1 connector is a power connector found on ATX power supplies. It is used to provide main power to the motherboard, and to control ACPI functionality (tell the power suppy to turn off and back on).

What is a connector reducer?

In plumbing it is a pipe connector that also reduces the size of the pipe so two different sizes can be spliced. If you want to connect a 1" pipe to a 3/4" you would put a 1' to3/4" reducer there.

What are connectors?

Anything that creates a link between two things is calledconnector. Connector is a device that keeps the parts of anelectric circuit in contact.

Examples of connectors?

There are many examples of conductors such as electricity. Metalsand liquids can also be considered a type of conductor.

What is a serial connector?

\nSerial connector term is used for an interface connector on which the protocol of data transfer is serial type. Serial data transfer means one electrical connection or signal for data transfer (one bit at a time from transmitter to receiver) at specific speed (bits per second). Note that on the co (MORE)

What is a tnc connector?

Type of connector in which one side does the transmit and the other BNC does the receive. www.emulex.com/support/glossary.htm . The TNC (threaded Neill-Concelman) connector is a threaded version of the BNC connector. The connector has a 50 Ω impedance and operates best in ... en.wikipedia. (MORE)

What are T-connectors?

T-Connectors are an easy, convenient way to connect your trailer wiring to your tow vehicle wiring. T-Connectors are specific to your vehicle's wiring. Simply unplug existing vehicle wiring harness and plug in the T-Connector.

What do battery connectors do?

Battery connectors are what connect batteries to devices so thedevice can get power from the battery. Electricity is the flow ofelectrons, and a battery has to have a way for the electrons toleave (negative wire) and return (positive wire). Thus theterminals on the battery are what do this, and batt (MORE)

What is a 1394 connector?

The official term is IEEE 1394, it is called Firewire and is competing against USB for ports on the computer. Firewire transmits 400Mbps while USB transmits 480Mbps. Most people use Firewire for downloading photos on their cameras while they use USB to downland data.

What does an IDE connector do?

An IDE connector is used to connect a CD-ROM drive or hard drive to a motherboard, with a long and flat ribbon cable.

What does a ide connector do?

The IDE connector provides a way to connect a drive to themotherboard. Two IDE devices can be connected via a single cable tothe motherboard with two connectors being attached to the devices,and one to the motherboard.

What is EIDE connectors?

E-IDE connectors are enhanced versions of the industry standard IDEconnectors found on most computers. E-IDE provides a higher datatransfer rate and better plug and play capability.

What parallel are you in?

Parallel refers to the longitude where you live. Longitudes are the imaginary lines ruled around the globe by map makers starting at the equator, zero longitude, to 90 degrees at the poles. The 60th parallel refers to 60 degrees from the equator and passes through Europe and all points on that lev (MORE)

What is a P8 connector?

P8 connector is an old AT standard power connector for motherboardsused along with P9 connector. Those two connectors would form amain connector or also known as P1 connector. Today those namingconventions have been slightly misclassified, where P8 is known asthe 4x12V secondary connector with 8 pin (MORE)

What is floppy connector?

A floppy connector is the interface used on motherboards to attachfloppy drives. These have become increasingly scarce in recentyears.

What is a ADAT connector?

Optical otherwise referred to as Alesis Digital Audio Tape (ADAT) is a format used for recording 8 tracks of audio at once.

What is OBDII connector?

It's the connector that allows a scanner to read and diagnosefaults (referred to as fault codes) in the vehicles electronic orcomputer systems. Also allows for software updates. On Volvo S70's (circa 98-00) look under the centre console lid (onRHD cars). It is clearly labelled under a tab that flic (MORE)

What is F-Connector connector?

F connector is a connector used for over the air transmissions.It is used for connecting set-top box on tv,cable transmissions,television transmissions and satellite transmissions.

What is a p12 connector?

If you are referring to computers, it is a 6pin power connector for modern Video cards. Most new video cards require at least 1 P12 connector, some require 2 P12 connectors.

What is a atx connector?

ATX is the form factor which Motherboards, Computer Cases and Graphics Cards use to standardise sizing. An ATX form-factor Motherboard will fit an ATX Case, and an ATX Graphics Card will fit in the case as well.

What does the obd2 connector do?

OBD stands for on board diagnostics. Its linked directly to your cars computer in order to tell you if the car is ready to pass or emissions or what's wrong with it if it isn't ready. It can also be used to trouble-shoot problems with the car. However you do need the computer necssary to plug into t (MORE)

What is the serial connector for?

If you are referring to the RS232 jack, it was mostly used to connect modems to the computer. Today it is sometimes still used to configure beamers or routers.

What is a DDR connector?

DDR stands for Double Data Rate, which means data travels at twice the clock rate. DDR is referring to RAM or Random Access Memory and the connector is the socket into which you install RAM.

Is series parallel the same as parallel?

No, series parallel, as it implies has components of the circuit configured in both series and parallel. This is typically done to achieve a desired resistance in the circuit. A parallel circuit is a circuit that only has the components hooked in parallel, which would result in a lower total resista (MORE)

What is on page connector?

In flowcharts, the on page connector allows one sequence ofdiagrams to stop and continue in a different place on the samepage.

What does Outlook Connector do?

Outlook Connector is an add-on for theOutlook mail application that lets users connect their hotmailaccount to their Outlook program, allowing them to control theirhotmail from Outlook..

What are keyed connectors?

Keyed connectors are connectors that have something on them or areshaped so they can be connected only one way. That is, so theycannot be connected incorrectly.

What do conduit connectors do?

A conduit connecter is a connecting piece used to connect two individual conduit units together. Conduit connecters can refer to both electrical conduits and pipe/plumbing related conduits.

What is a BX connector?

A BX connector is installed on the ends of a BX cable. A BX cableis a type of armored cable used for an electrical wiringapplication. When installing a BX cable, the BX connector isfastened onto the end of the BX cable. The BX connector is thenused to attach the cable to an electrical junction box o (MORE)

What is the backplane connector?

Early computers were entirely point to point wired either withsoldered or wire wrapped connections. They usually used circuitmodules that plugged into connectors mounted on the mainframe rackto make repair faster (when a problem was located the defectivemodule could be quickly unplugged and a good m (MORE)