What is a pedigree. How are pedigrees used?

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Pedigree: A chart or "Family Tree" that tracks which members of a family have a particular trait.
It is one of the important tool that geneticists used to trace the inheritance of traits in humans is a pedigree.
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What is a pedigree?

a family tree or chart that tracks which members have a certain trait

What is pedigree?

A pedigree is a description of the descent of people or animals.

How do you do a pedigree?

Step one in creating a pedigree is to include only family memberswho have a blood relation. This means no step relations will beincluded. Next symbols for biological parents a

How is a pedigree used?

A pedigree is used to determine whether you are at risk of inheriting a particular genetic disorder.

What are pedigrees used for?

Pedigree's are used to show who was in your family and if someone in your family had a disease; it shows your family's generation's.

How are pedigrees used?

A. Determine whether a trait is inherited B. Determine whether an allele is dominant or recessive C. Show how a trait is passed from one generation to the next It uses

What is a pedigree and how is it used?

A pedigree is a diagram of family relationships that uses symbols to represent people and lines to represent genetic relationships. Pedigrees make it easier to visualize
In Domestic Dogs

Why is a pedigree used?

A Dog's pedigree records the Dog's ancestors back over several generations so that the Dog's parentage can be seen. This makes the Dog purebred and means that breeders can mak