What is a pedigreed dog?

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a pedigree is a certificate proving/certifying that your dog is a pure breed. Thus a pedigreed dog is a dog with a pedigree, so it is a pure breed dog
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What is meant by a dog with a pedigree?

When a dog has a pedigree it's bloodline can be traced back many generations in order to be able to tell if the animal has the quality of bloodline that it is claimed to have.

How do you find your dogs pedigree?

2nd Answer: You should get a copy of your dog's pedigree from the breeder but if you cannot then go to the AKC and request one by using your dog's AKC number. You will have to

Why are pedigree dogs unhealthy?

Purebred dogs are often unhealthy because years and years of breeding based on certain genes often leads to inbreeding. Inbreeding can cause a number of various disorders in d
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Why do people want pedigree dogs?

Pedigree dogs are consdidered more valuable than mutts. Only pedigree, KC reg Dogs can be shown. Pedigree dogs also sell for more money. I don't believe in this because i have
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How much is a pedigree dog?

It depends on what kind of pedigree dog that you choose to get. And it also depends on the breeders you get the dog from. The average price of a pedigree would be between (min
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What is dogs pedigree made of?

A typical pedigree is made of a dogs ancestors. Depending on the person making the pedigree or specific registering body it will contain various information about the ancestor