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What is a person trained in mathematics who calculates risk based on loss percentages and determines insurance rates and premiums?

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An Actuary.
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What is Net Risk Premium medical insurance?

The Net Risk Premium is the Gross Written Premium, less the Loadings (any kind of Charges, TPA Fees, and Commissions)  for more info dont hesitate to contact me at mohammed.m

How do you calculate mass loss percentage?

1. Original Mass minus Current Mass = Mass loss 2. Now divide your answer by your Original Mass, and then multiply by 100(%) Example: 145 lbs - 130 lbs = 15 lbs, divide (15

What are the factors that determine the rating of premiums for motor insurance?

If privately owned use or Commercial, if commercial if passenger or goods carrying. Next Type of vehicle & sub model, age of vehicle, CC if pvt owned or GCW if commercial.

How do you calculate premium for life insurance policy?

  You can calculate life insurance premium for a life insurance policy by requesting free life insurance quotes online or from a life insurance company.   Rates for lif

How does insurance reduce the risk of financial loss?

It protects your assets. If you never get in an accident, or hurt anyone else, it INCREASES your financial loss, simply because you paid monthly to protect yourself from some

How do you calculate market risk premium for a firm?

Risk premium = Company's risk (standard deviation of the historical stock returns of the market as a whole) - Risk-free rate of return (standard deviation of the historical tr

What percentage of auto insurance losses are used to determine premium?

All auto losses are used to determine premiums. All claims paid plus expenses of the company are added up to determine if the insurance company has a profit or a loss. Auto in

How do you calculate a player's on base percentage?

On base percentage In baseball statistics, on base percentage (OBP) is a measure of how often a batter gets to first base for any reason other than a fielding error or a fiel

What percentage of a typical homeowners insurance premium dollar is used to pay losses?

This changes from company to company and year to year. For the past few years it has been over 100% for most companies. State Farm has been loosing billions each year for the