What is a person who helps a pregnant woman before and after labor?

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A Doula. or a husband!
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Can a person see that she is pregnant before going to the checkup?

If you mean 'will she look pregnant' I don't think that's very likely. If you mean 'can she tell she's pregnant', yes, it is very possible. I've had 3 children and every time I got pregnant, I already knew before I even took the at home tests. I don't know if it was intuition or if I am just very in (MORE)

Can a woman get pregnant before she begins ovulating and is there less of a chance?

The only time a woman can get pregnant is when she ovulates. Theegg can be fertilised for about 36 hours. However sperm has beenknown to live in the vaginal tract/womb/fallopian tubes for up to 5days, so while a woman can only get pregnant when she ovulates iewhen an egg is available for the sperm t (MORE)

If a pregnant woman is in a car accident can it cause premature labor?

Preterm labor has been associated with trauma, including domestic abuse situations, falls and automobile accidents.. In a 1998 article in the European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, five pregnant mothers were admitted for repeated direct blunt abdominal trauma due to "f (MORE)

If a woman uses cocaine before getting pregnant can it still affect the baby later?

Yes, there is a chance of it causing problems later. Where as men produce completely new sperm every few days, women are born with a certain amount of eggs. She will release these eggs, but never produce new ones. If an egg is damaged by narcotics, it stays damaged. If that happens to be the egg tha (MORE)

WILL DRINKING castor oil HELP BRING ON LABOR IF YOUR 36 weeks pregnant?

, I am 40 weeks in on the 30th so only two days to go and have only JUST thought and looked up castor oil, I would definitely read up on it because at 36 weeks your baby is not ready otherwise pregnancy would only be for 36 weeks. If there is something wrong the doctor will talk to you about your (MORE)

Can a woman get pregnant before ever having a period?

Yes! The woman can get pregnant: . anytime before her period . anytime during her period . anytime after her period . anytime ... PERIOD . The above has been proven by the medical community at large time and time again. It's rather simple and logical: Having sex = getting pregnant ... it can (MORE)

Your mare is pregnant and she has a dark creamy urine an not sure if she is close to labor if it is one on the signs just before labor?

Squeeze 5-10 drops of fluid from one of her teats if it is clear- there can be quite some time before foaling, eventually it will have a clear yellow color then a murky-ness to it then it will look white like the cows milk you drink. If you check her once a day a month before she is due and ONLY tak (MORE)

How can you help your pregnant cat in labor?

first you can help by leaving her alone also if you think she is hungry give her some food and do not hurt her stomic or let her go out side like i said leave her alone but keep a eye on her and well the rest you can figure out

Are pregnant womans veins supposed to show more then before?

There are unusual labor-demands on the whole circulatory system- which is now nourishing two life forms! the pregnancy itself swells uo in the lower abdomen, and there are such things as stretch marks- confined almost entirely to pregnant and neonatal women ( shortly after birth) C-section scars are (MORE)

After stillbirth can a woman get pregnant before she has her period?

Yes. Giving birth to a stillborn affect's a woman's ability to get pregnant no differently than a live birth. Since most doctors advise women to wait 6 weeks after giving birth, they quite often have not had a period since giving birth, but are still very likely to get pregnant the very first time (MORE)

A pregnant woman needs dirt to eat any help?

This sounds like pica. It is nothing to beembarrassed about, but you need to see a doctor. Pica in pregnant women is common, but not talked about. It is usually caused by a lack of certain nutrienct's.

If a woman is spotting 3-4 days before her period does it mean she is pregnant?

Not necessarily. But, I had the same problem and I am pregnant! My period was supposed to start on a monday and I began spotting the Saturday morning before..... That is totally not normal for me. So I bout a pregnancy test and it was positive! It is best to take a test! They do sell tests that can (MORE)

If a pregnant woman is 3cm and loses her mucus plug how long after will labor start?

that totally depends from person to person. Every birth and every pregnancy is different. Generally speaking though, if your waters break, your labour is a lot quicker but that is no guarantee either. I was 2 cm dilated for a month before my son was born and when my water did eventually break it too (MORE)

How old does a woman have to be before she can not get pregnant?

This vary a lot from woman to woman. Some go early into the menopause, some at age 29 even. Others do not until well into their 50's. As a general rule we can say that when you start the menopause and totally stop having the period, the chances of getting pregnant are pretty slim. For most woman th (MORE)

How long before a woman would know she is pregnant?

you should know after 1 or 2 weeks, and if you don't use a pregnancy test wait a month, month 1/2 to see if your menstrual cycle arrives. and if you are on birth control and you think you may be pregnant stop taking it and refer to your doctor.

Can a woman get pregnant while on the pill after having unprotected sex a week before her period?

If a woman is on the BCP and taking it as ordered by her doctor - she is not having unprotected sex! - the sole purpose of BCP in regards to a woman and her fertility is to prevent pregnancy. That said, no birth control is 100% effective when it comes to protection from pregnancy - but 99.5% (MORE)

Can a pregnant dogs temperature drop and then go back up before labor?

Nearly all dogs have a temperature drop 24-38 hours before they go into labour, and will spike soon before labour. This just happened to my dog. She is due and her temp has been down since yesterday morning and just now it spiked to 101. So i started researching and found out that approx 12-24 ho (MORE)

How does raspberry leaf tea help pregnant woman?

Traditionally, raspberry leaf tea is thought to help promote the tone of the uterus during pregnancy and childbirth. In one study of pregnant women it was found that women who used raspberry leaf had shorter labour, without side-effects to them or their babies. It also demonstrated less need to arti (MORE)

Should a person with shingles avoid being around a pregnant woman?

A person with shingles needs to take precautions around a pregnant woman without evidence of immunity to chicken pox. The pregnant woman should discuss the matter with her health care provider, who may have checked immunity at the preconception visit or a prenatal visit. . Because typical shingles (MORE)

Can a woman get pregnant 4 days before your period?

It is possible; sperm can remain inside you for about 4-5 days, sometimes 6 or 7, and if you are ovulating during sex, you could get pregnant. Of course, there are different factors involved- did you have protected or unprotected sex, are you using any kind of contraceptive (properly), and did your (MORE)

How long before you can tell a woman is pregnant?

With modern-day pregnancy tests you can already start testing a day after your period was supposed to start. Though as every women's hormone levels are different, it might take a little longer for you to get an actual positive test. If you think you are pregnant (e.g. strong physical symptoms you d (MORE)

Is it possibal to get pregnant if a woman comes before a man comes inside her and how does that effect the semen?

Having an orgasm has absolutely nothing to do with the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. Neither does it have any effect on the mans semen or sperm. A man has to ejaculate into a woman at the right time during her menstrual cycle usually within 4 days of the middle of her cycle or ovulation for (MORE)

How can a pediatrician help a pregnant woman?

Pediatricians are trained in the field of medicine specified for children and infants. Before a baby is born, a pediatrician knows ( so we hope), whether or not the woman's pregnany is running smoothly or if there is an issue. For example, the baby is turned the wrong way or her contractions are too (MORE)

What can help a person get out of jail before his or her trial is held?

This depends on whether the person is being held in lieu of bail. If the person is being held on a serious charge for which there is no bail bond allowed, then there is not much that can be done to procure his release, except have his attorney filed a motion for a reduction of bond. Otherwise you ca (MORE)