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What is a piece of paper wedged under a chair or table leg called?

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Why is a chair called a chair?

Sir Arthur A. Chair made the first chair February 12th 1301. He made the discovery after he chopped down a rather large tree and decided that he wanted to be able to sit on it

What happens when you put a piece of paper under a magnifying glass and expose it to the sun?

It all depends on how well you focus the beam of the magnifying glass. You need to adjust the distance from the glass to the paper until the light from the sun is concentrated

What are the benefits of a leg wedge pillow?

  The Leg Wedge Pillow is a dual-purpose state of the art wedge pillow that combines the pressure relieving support of memory foam with the comfortable and soft feeling of

What table has no legs?

A table of logarithms, multiplication table, table salt, Table Mountain.
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A three-legged chair?

A three-legged chair might be called a stool. Three-legged stools  were common in barns because they were used for farmers so they  could sit and milk cows. It's nickname is