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In traditional fairy tales, the term "pook" is a type of fairy. It is also spelled "poak," "pouk" and "puck" as in Shakespeare's "Midsummer's Night Dream." According to Katherine Briggs, "Pouks mislead night wanderers and change like bogie beasts into all sorts of shapes to beguile men's wits"
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Pook rural at pook urban?

1) If a barangay has a population size of 5,000 or more, then a barangay is considered urban, or (2) If a barangay has at least one establishment with a minimum of 100 employe

Makasaysayang pook sa mindanao?

Dambana ng Dapitan . Karim Ul-Makdum Mosque Dambana ng Kagitingan - Sa Dambana ng Dapitan sa Zamboanga del Norte itinapon si Jose Rizal ng mga Español noong 1892. D

How do you get pook on moshi monsters?

If you mean Pooky, this is how to get him: Any Moon Orchid Any Magic Beans Purple Magic Beans To find out how to get more moshlings buy The Moshling Collec