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Pre-op refers to the fact that a person with transsexualism has not yet had surgery to change their sexual organs from what they are presently to what they will be when they are done. Surgery costs a lot of money, and psychiatrists require a year of living as a person of the opposite sex BEFORE getting the reassignment surgery, so there is always a period of time where they are caught between worlds: male parts but female appearance or female parts and male appearance.

A pre-op transsexual person is someone who hasn't undergone sexual reassignment surgery. They still have the genitals they were wrongly born with.

Post-op is after the reassignment surgery (they now have the parts of the sex opposite to what they were declared at birth). Most of the time, the person doesn't consider themselves transsexual anymore and simply wants to assimilate into a gender binary world.
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How do you get transsexuals?

Transsexualism is an inborn medical condition, unrelated to transgenderism. Transsexuals are either women who were wrongly born with male parts, or men who were wrongly born w

Is it okay to date a pre-op transsexual?

Yes, it is perfectly fine, but not if you can only like them with their current genitalia. Some people form relationships with transsexual persons and can't take it when they

How many pre-op transsexuals in the world?

Nobody knows it, because being a transsexual is a very delicate and personal thing. The number of those ones who have already done the surgery also varies from country to coun

What is transsexuality?

It is a condition where there is a brain body mismatch. Where your physical sex does not match up with your mental/spiritual gender. It has been shown through brain scans the

What is a Post op transsexual?

A Post Op Transsexual is a person who has surgically changed their gender. The phrase "Post Op" is used to show that the person has undergone physical surgery, or is Post the

What is the meaning of a post op transsexual?

Post means after (pre is before), and op is short for an operation (surgery), so it refers to a transsexual person who has had the corrective surgery. Transsexuals are not tra

What is the difference between a post op transsexual and a pre op transsexual?

Post-op is after the reassignment surgery (they now have the parts of the sex opposite to what they were declared at birth). A pre-op transsexual person is someone who hasn

What are the 5Cs?

If you mean the 5 C's, like you learn in school and such, it's Cotton Citrus Copper Climate Cattle

What is a pre op transsexual?

Pre-op means pre-operative. They are a transsexual person who has not had the surgery yet. A person is born with transsexualism, and they get the surgery to cure them of it an

Is it bad for pre op transsexuals to ejaculate?

Not at all! Especially when you're talking about Male-to-Females. They have female brains, but unfortunately were born with male bodies. MTFs can orgasm and ejaculate because

Is it bad for pre op transsexuals to ejaculate while on hormones treatment?

No, it is not bad or harmful for a transsexual woman to ejaculate. If a person has the urge to ejaculate, then they have this urge, and relieving the tension may be a good thi

Is it harder for a pre-op transsexual to ejaculate while taking female hormones than before?

Yes, and that is a normal thing. The whole purpose of the hormones is to help the masculinity and the male drive for sex to diminish. If someone genuinely was born with transs

What is the meaning of post-op transsexual?

A post-op transsexual refers to a person born with transsexualism who had their condition corrected with surgery. So the transsexual woman is just a woman afterwards. Likewise