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Pre - indicating that it is before something rather than pro which would indicate after some action or event. I.E. Preceeding the concert we got something to eat which shows that before the concert some action was taken. Preview can be applied in a variety of ways. Previewing a movie for example may indicate that you watch a clip of a motion picture before you decide on going to see that movie or not. It can, in its own way indicate that something may be viewed by an invited audience to be viewed before it is open to the general public for viewing. In other words, you have previewed it before others have had the chance.
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How does one preview songs on LimeWire?

Answer . you must start a download then select preview or launch from the lower menu, if you dont like it then cancel the download. you can get some of the song to play after the download bar is about 1/4 of the way done.

What is a 'Movie Preview'?

Answer . A short animated clip, usually shown on television as a commercial, that mostly consists of small excerpts and details about casting from the movie it is advertising, and is designed to entice viewers to go and see the movie. A preview is, essentially, an animated advertisement.

What is a sneak preview?

A sneak preview is a public screening (especially movies) before the actual date of when it will be released.

What does preview mean?

It's like showing you a short version of the real thing, to give you an idea of what it's like.

What is page preview?

Page preview is viewing the page as it would appear before it hasbeen printed or displayed. This is common before printing adocument.

Is there a preview of jaws 5?

No only fake ones on youtube. Jaws 4 was rated worst movie of the year and nobody liked it so they are making a 5th one. :(

How long do movie previews last?

The previews do last anywhere from15-25 minutes before the movie actually starts. On TopRater.com you can read short preview about all films.

What is a print preview?

A preview of how the page is going to look when you print it so you can see if anything gets cut off the page.

Is there a warrior cats preview?

You can view previews of the books at Harpercollins.com using a "browse inside" feature which will give you a sample of the text. However, no official Warriors movie is being made yet, so no animated or otherwise preview has been released.

Advantages of print preview?

the benefits of print preview: 1)it helps us to see what the document will look like when printed. 2)Avoid reprinting documents just to make small editorial. 3)You can view and fix any page layout problems by using the Print Previe w feature

Are there previews of sly 4?

yes!!! you can see it on the PS3 "The Sly Collection!!" or on youtube type in sly 4 and its the one where a sly looking figure is in the grass!!

What is page break preview?

This gives you a preview in Word of where your page breaks are going to be. ie where the end of the pages in your document are.

What is a previewing sentence?

A previewing sentence is a sentence that gives the reader or listener a general overview of the passage s/he is going to read or listen.

How do you say 'preview' in Bulgarian?

PREVIEW [,pri:'vju:] I. 1. затворено предварително представление 2. сцени/кадри от следваща програма н (MORE)

Is there really a preview guy the man who talks in movie previews?

Yes, it's a real guy doing the voiceovers for movie previews (and other TV commercials), but there's more than one of him. They hire people who have been trained to talk like that. They're called "voiceover artists." Perhaps the most famous one is Don LaFontaine; see the Related Link below for the W (MORE)

What is preview pane?

The Preview Pane is the area on the right side of Windows Movie Maker that allows you to see a preview of the project you are working on.

What is the purpose of the print preview icon?

The print preview icon is just a short cut to get to the print preview page. This page shows you have the printed paper itself will look, with out and proofreader marks or anything along those lines.

What is print preview in word?

Print Preview allows you to see, on the screen, what your document will look like when it is printed out on paper. This can help you decide on what different settings should be set at before you actually print the document.

What is the difference between a preview and review?

Review: overview of something, after reading/watching/etc. something, you can review it Preview: before reading/watching/etc. something, you get a glimpse of what it is. Sometimes, a preview is a review (and vise versa)

What does previewed mean?

perviously veiwed, as in it's been watched or seen before. It can also mean to view a small bit of something or to watch something ahead, as in "a preview of what is to come."

What is live preview in Microsoft Word?

It allows you to see what formatting will look like on something that is selected, like text or a table, before you apply it. This gives you a chance to see it and make better choices without committing to something until you are happy with it.

What is the importance of previewing document?

The importance of previewing a document is that you can see the output of what you have done and you will be able to correct any mistakes in the document. It will also help you have a more organized document.

Why is it good to preview a story?

You didn't say whether you are writing or reading the story, soI'll talk about both cases. When you're writing, you want topreview and edit so that you catch any mistakes like grammatical orspelling errors, or story continuity and logic. When you'rereading, you want to preview or skim over a story b (MORE)

What are the previews on the DVD I Am Number Four?

I am trying to find out what movie was in the preview with two woman who are going against the men in their town or something like that. One woman has long dark hair and is going to cover up or take the blame for the other woman and may die because of it. Help!

What is animation preview in PowerPoint?

Animation preview allows for a glimpse at what would happen if you were to assign a specific animation to an image pasted/ uploaded onto the powerpoint. Also, in creating custom vectors for the image to follow in animations, the preview enables you to see beforehand what would happen before you lay (MORE)

What is previewing?

An inspection or viewing of something before it is bought or becomes generally known and available.. Display (a product, movie, play, et. ) before it officially goes on sale or opens to the public

What is the point of previewing?

A program - such as Word or Excel - that provides printing capabilities normally also has a preview option. This lets the user see what will be printed. This will usually be faster than the printing itself; it also saves paper and ink/toner, should you need to do any adjustments.

What is a previewer for a computer?

In word processing, print preview refers to formatting a documentfor the printer, but then displaying it on the display screeninstead of printing it.

Are YouTube video previews safe?

YouTube video thumbnails on the official YouTube website are safe.They will only redirect you to the corresponding YouTube video whenclicked on.