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What is a provision called in a disability income insurance policy that requires a person to wait before receiving benefits?

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Can a person receive disability insurance benefits when they are unemployed?

 There's always unemployment insurance. For CA see the link below.  If the query is in regards to Social Security Disability benefits, all necessary information concernin

Can a person receive temporary disability insurance while working?

  DI is meant to support you financially when you can't work. Insurance companies do not wish to pay you the benefit if you can still do your job. So the answer is no. T

A widow has gross income of 600 a week Her disability insurance coverage replaces 70 percent of her earnings after a four-week waiting period What amount would she receive in disability?

\nThe calculation is as follows: $600 x 52 (#of weeks in a year) divided by 12 (months). This monthly amount would be $2600 x 70% - Her base benefit would be $1820 per month.

If you receive Disability Income from a Long Term Disability Insurance Policy can creditors garnish the monthly income from this policy?

    The answer to your question is yes. If creditors can garnish your wages if you were working, then they can garnish the income you receive from your disability prov

Can an insurance company require a disability beneficiary to repay benefits if the person is approved for Social Security disability?

The physical Disability insurance contract provided by the insurance company will have all of the information needed to determine whether they will want their money back if a

What are the 12 required uniform policy provisions in a health insurance policy?

The 12 Mandatory Uniform Provisions are: 1. Entire contract - the policy, a copy of the application, and any riders 2. Time Limit on certain defenses (incontestable) - no sta

If a life insurance policy loan is made and the insured person dies before it is repaid will the beneficiary receive cash value or death benefits?

Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, the outstanding balance of the policy loan (plus accrued loan interest, the rate of which will be stated in the policy) will

How long does a person have to furnish an insurer with a claim for disability benefits?

If your question pertains to a private disability policy, the  policy language will generally state that a claim for benefits must  be filed "as soon as practicable". Group