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When an etching has been made, prints are made from the metal block. Very often these are not numbered. However, for collectors' items there is often a fixed number, say 200, and the individual copies are numbered, very often in the form 1/200, and so forth. Sometimes the block is then destroyed and cannot be used again. Sometimes, however, the block is kept and used again. If this happens there should be a clear indication that the 'print run' is that of a re-use or to use the technical term, a re-strike. One common way of doing this is to use Roman numerals for the re-strike. The whole area can sometimes be problematical. There are analogies with vintage photographs. I hope that this helps.
Joncey It had always meant the addition of another image at the foot of the image, in the margin. Such as a printers logo or added art work . Some thing that the one doing it thinks will add value. Usually done on another plate or stamp then applied to the finished print. Thus striking the print again. JD
A 'restrike' normally refers to an impression taken from the original etching plate, but not with the permission of the artist. It is normally taken posthumously and not necessarily as part of an edition. Chris
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