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What is a rolling stock certificate?

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Can They trace a stock certificate from just the certificate number?

Yes the certifcate can be traced by the transfer agent by the certificate number. Every publicly traded company has a transfer agent that tracks these things and can tell you

How much would tucker corporation stock certificate for 25 shares be worth now?

I'll pick them up off of you for $100 jjshoe att gmail I'm sure the above "jjshoe"would be happy "to pick them up off you for $100" since a Tucker Corporation stock certificat

How do start to research old stock certificates from 1917?

You could spend a lot of time researching through databases that track corporate changes and put together what the remnants of your 1917 corporation is. Or you could pay a pro

How do you redeem NYNEX Corp Stock Certificate?

Answer   why a corporation would elect to redeem its stock?   Nynex merged with Bell Atlantic. Bell Atlantic merged with Verizon. Contact Verizon to redeem the stock.

How do you research old stock certificates?

Here are a number of suggestions from various WikiAnswer contributors: To do this in the most inexpensive manner, you should first check and see if this stock certificate has

How do you fill in the back of a stock certificate?

You should contact the company that you are depositing shares with to ensure proper procedure-especially if the names on the certificate do not match the account name exactly.

Is there any value to the old Daimler Chrysler stock certificates?

You can contact the state that your certificate was incorporated in, each state has a department that handles such things. This site has each state's department contact inform

What is the roll of SEBI in stock exchange?

SEBI is the regulatory body of the Stock Markets in India. It registers and regulates the functioning of various intermediaries viz, Stock exchanges, Depositories, Merchant Ba