What is a rule nisi in a civil case?

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Rule Nisi (pronounced "nigh-sigh") is a petition that orders an individual in a legal action to appear in court to explain why that individual has not been doing what they were ordered to do. I have only seen it in divorce cases where one ex-spouse was ordered to pay something or give something to the other ex-spouse but they failed to do so. So the nisi is issued to summon the offending spouse into court to explain him (or her) self.
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Is rule nisi legal?

Answer . If the question is about whether or not "Rule Nisi" is legal, yes.. Rule Nisi (pronounced "nigh-sigh") is a petition that orders an individual in a legal action t

What is a civil case?

A civil case is one involving noncriminal matter such as a contractor a claim of patent infringement.

What is a Rule Nisi?

Rule Nisi is the "Order to Show Cause". Meaning that the ruling is absolute unless the party to whom it applies can show cause why it should not apply.

How are civil cases different from criminal cases?

Civil cases are punished by means of fines or restrictions or controls on ones activities or business - no jail or prison time is called for in the statute. Criminal cases -

What is a jud nisi?

JUDGMENT NISI -- Nisi is Latin for "unless." A judgment nisi is an intermediate judgment which will become final unless a party appeals or formally requests the court to set i

Can a civil case turn into a criminal case?

Yes, this is especially true with accounting/business issues, such as at Enron. Once the court has declared wrongdoing in a civil matter, the DA next looks to hold those respo

How is a criminal case different from a civil case?

The penalty for violating criminal law can be a monetary fine, jail, or prison. The penalty for violating civil law can amount to no more than a monetary fine. There is no i

What is a nisi hearing?

Nisi means "taking effect at a specified time unless previously modified or avoided by cause shown, further proceedings, or a condition fulfilled."

What is Rule NISI in a child support hearing?

NISI is a designation to "show cause" relating to why a ruling shouldn't be absolute and enforceable. The party to whom it applies is given the opportunity to prove why the r

Can your social security benefits be garnished for a civil case ruling?

If the question refers to a civil judgment for debt the answerwould be no. All Social Security benefits are exempt fromgarnishment by creditors. If the question relates to chi