What is a seemingly hard riddle with an easy answer?

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Question: "What is the Roman Numeral for Zero?"
Answer: There ISN'T one!
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What are some hard riddles?

1. A guy left home he took a left, then another left and then another left then he was home again and there were 2 guys standing at his home and they had masks on WHO ARE THE

What is a hard riddle?

These are some fairly hard riddles. 1. There is a one-story house. Everything inside it is pink. Thebathroom is pink, the kitchen is pink, the TV room is pink, thebedroom is

What are some really hard riddles?

here's one its ,the shinx's riddle. what walks on four legs in the morning two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening? a man. when hes a baby (the morning of his

Can you name a very hard riddle?

there are 3 jugs. 3L 5L 8L jugs 2 friends want 4l each. All your Water is in the 8L Jug and you don't have anything else and they want exactly 4L each how are you going to do

What are hard riddles?

I am the center of gravity, hold a capital situation in Vienna, and as I am foremost in every victory, am allowed by all to be invaluable. Though I am invisible, I am clearly

Know any Hard Riddles?

90% of kindergardeners got this right but only 5% of Harvard students guessed it right ____ is more evil than the devil ____ is more powerfull than god poor people ha

What are some short but hard riddles?

A man leaves home. Takes a left, a left, and another left. When he comes back home there are two men waiting for him in masks. Who are they? A: The Catcher and the Umpire.

Were the riddles hard in The Hobbit?

Most of them were really common, so they were easy. But there were some hard ones. Like this one: 30 white horses stand on a red hill, they champ and stamp, and then they stan
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What is a easy but hard riddle?

An easy but hard riddle is a riddle that is truly easy when you know the answer but becomes hard if you overthink it. For example: what is more useful if broken? An over-thi