What is a sentence for the word arduous?

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Here are some examples:
"It was a long and arduous journey."
"It was not too arduous a task for a Sunday morning."
"The mountain climbers tackled the arduous terrain."
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Can you give an example with the word arduous?

You may use the word arduous to explain a particularly difficult route you have taken or role or job you which you have done or something strenuous on your body you have done and anything else that you have found to be hard work such as The walking expedition we were on proved to be particularly arduous during the final five kilometers as we were very tired and hungry by this point

How do you use arduous in a sentence?

Here are a few: Climbing the mountain was an arduous undertaking, but she managed to do it. For me, washing the dishes is easy, but I find scrubbing the floor to be a much more arduous task. It is arduous to exercise when you are in bad shape or out of shape.

A sentence for arduous?

'The football practices were arduous, but the players knew toughpractices were necessary in order to build a successful team.' Theword arduous is an adjective.

Sentence for arduous?

Arduous is a word used to describe something that is difficult. Agood sentence would be, the math problems on the test were arduous.

What is the meaning of arduous?

Difficult, strenuous, hard to accomplish or achieve. 1.. requiring great exertion; laborious; difficult: an arduous undertaking.. 2.. requiring or using much energy and vigor; strenuous: making an arduous effort.. 3.. hard to climb; steep: an arduous path up the hill.. 4.. hard to endure; full of hardships; severe: an arduous winter..

Sentence with arduous?

The word arduous is an adjective. Her journey was long and arduous,but it ultimately strengthened her character and made her a betterperson.

What is a sentence for arduous?

The heat combined with more than two weeks continuous pulling made the job arduous . For more than 1000 years the church has labored in this place, and her work becomes more arduous as time goes on. Mrs. Hull worked the night shift herself when she took over the home and found the work was not arduous . Not too arduous a task for a Sunday morning. Mixing up the different ingredients and applying them doesn't prove too arduous .

Arduous in a sentence?

i hate how people are so arduous because they are so painful looking. Arduous means difficult, or demanding great effort. The mountain climber found just walking at higher altitudes to be an arduous experience.

Is arduous an adjective?

Yes, it is an adjective. It is based on the noun ardor (passion,zeal) and means difficult or rigorous.

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