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His tenderness wrapped around her, like a cashmere shawl, cradling her in warmth and love.
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What does compassionate mean?

Being compassionate is about taking notice of a very significant part of\nthis world: Others. Those who understand the common method of life that\nno one lives rosily and prob

What is compassionate silence?

Compassionate silence very well may be the truest form of compassion we can muster. The minute we open our mouths we run the risk of judgment and scorn, if not implicitly so t

Why is Jesus compassionate?

It's apart of His nature. While also being just, patient, wrathful at injustice, loving, merciful, full of grace and truth. When you see someone drowning, a typical person w
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What are examples of compassionate?

Compassionate people usually choose careers in which their job isto help people. People in the medical field or who do social workare just two examples. More specifically a co
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How was Jesus compassionate?

He gave his life so that we could live an eternal life with God. He also dedicated his life to teaching others about the Word of the Lord.
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Why should you be compassionate?

Because it shows you care an that you can relate to what someone is saying , It shows you are being very sympathetic to him or her.
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Is compassionate an adjective?

Yes, it is. It is the adjective form of the noun compassion(sympathy, empathy).