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Computing started with single core processing. Multi-core processing started in the mid-1980s.
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It is a processor that has only one core, so it can only start one operation at a time. It can however in some situations start a new operation before the previous one is complete. Originally all processors were single core. Multi core processors were introduced later, when increasing the clock speeds further was too hard. These new multi core processors are two processing units combined into one.
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Can you replace a single-core processor with a dual-core processor?

If it shares the same slot-type and the motherboard supports it, yes. In some cases, a motherboard will support a processor with a higher number of cores than was originally i

What advantage do dual-core processor and quad-core processor have over single-core processor?

The most gaping advantage can be very easilly explained through example: Single core processors have a single thread, and can process a single set of instructions per clock

What is the differences between single-core 2.4GHz and a dual-core 2.0GHz processor?

One is running a single physical processing core at a frequency of 2.4GHz and the other is running two physical processing cores at 2.0GHz. The dual-core processor is signifca

What are cores in a processor?

Processor (CPU)The chip that is the 'brain' of the computer. The faster the processor, the better a computer will perform. The latest processors have multiple 'cores', meaning

What is example single core processor?

An example of a single core Processor is anything from Intel's first processor to the late Pentium 4 era. There are also some single core Pentium Core 2/duo line products but

Is a 1.0ghz dual-core processor equal to a 2.0ghz single-core processor in speed?

No. The number of cores don't necessarily correlate with practical speed. The efficient operation of both cores depends on the operating system and the software you use. For s

What is the difference between dual core processor and a single processor?

A single core processor is just that... one processing core. A dual core processor is actually two processing cores on one chip. It is like having two processors in your syste

What is single core processor suitable for?

A single core processor is ideal for your average computer user. It's great for web surfing, checking e-mail, word processing, etc. It's usually not suitable for frequent mult

What is core in processor?

  The "core" in a processor is the microprocessor inside of the CPU(Central Processing Unit). For example, if you have a Dual Core CPU then you have 2 microprocessors in

What is difference between single core dual core processor?

dual core processors allow for twice as much data processing thus making computer much faster and stable.

What is the difference between 1.5GHz dual core and 3.0GHz single core processor?

  the 1.5 dual core can handle 2 threads at the same time and 3.0 single core can only handle 1 thread both of them switch threads rapidly if you have CPU-z you will find

Which is better for gaming a 1.6 ghz dual core processor or a 2.6 ghz single core processor?

Single core vs. Dual core processor well, depending on the model and brand of each proc, I'll assume you mean something like an Intel Pentium 4 at 2.6ghz and a Core 2 duo at 1

What is difference between single core and multi core processor?

A single-core processor has only one primary integer core, instruction set, and the sort. Multi-Core processors have 2 or more of the above mentioned, and as such have more co