What is a sound outlook in life?

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Outlook in Life
  • Life is like Ohio's weather. It will always change.
  • Never trust good weather; it will always change.
  • Someone else will always prefer what you hate.
  • You might not like what's going on now, but it could be far worse.
  • If you are never thankful for anything, life will give you more that opposes thankfulness.
  • Being thankful is not magic; it won't ensure you get anything better.
  • Best to live as if in a town of hills-- even though you have to climb the hills, it's fun to roll down them.
  • For every problem you encounter, thank God he created something called "solutions".
  • Solutions typically only come from you, not to you through someone else.
  • Taking charge sometimes means letting go.
  • Letting go sometimes means taking charge.
  • Life is full of opposites. Choose wisely. Sometimes, though, the choice is between "bad" and "worse". Be wise.
  • Never trust people who always agree with you. Find people who aggravate your thinking.
  • You can never think your way out of a bad life. But you can imagine your way out.
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