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Outlook in Life
  • Life is like Ohio's weather. It will always change.
  • Never trust good weather; it will always change.
  • Someone else will always prefer what you hate.
  • You might not like what's going on now, but it could be far worse.
  • If you are never thankful for anything, life will give you more that opposes thankfulness.
  • Being thankful is not magic; it won't ensure you get anything better.
  • Best to live as if in a town of hills-- even though you have to climb the hills, it's fun to roll down them.
  • For every problem you encounter, thank God he created something called "solutions".
  • Solutions typically only come from you, not to you through someone else.
  • Taking charge sometimes means letting go.
  • Letting go sometimes means taking charge.
  • Life is full of opposites. Choose wisely. Sometimes, though, the choice is between "bad" and "worse". Be wise.
  • Never trust people who always agree with you. Find people who aggravate your thinking.
  • You can never think your way out of a bad life. But you can imagine your way out.
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What is sound outlook in life?

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What is sound outlook on life?

Don't let other people shape your life. Keep courageous. Decide what is right and wrong and stay on the side of right. Decide to do good when you have the choice of doing evil or good; listen to people in your life who are positive! "You are known by the company you keep", is a famous saying, the (MORE)

What is the meaning of outlook in life?

Life itself is very precious and has a different meaning to everyone. Some people say life is meaningless, it is just a fragment of our imaginations. Although there is a bright side to this... Life itself is a question that may be unanswered, but what you do with it is your decision. I say live your (MORE)

What is meant by one's outlook in life?

Your outlook is the way that you think about the future. Some people have a positive outlook and see the future as hopeful. Other people have a negative outlook and see the future as fearful. Your outlook can be changed if you do not like the way that you now see things and want to start being more (MORE)

What is sound outlook inlife?

A Sound Outlook! . This is heavy stuff! But I'll give it a try!. What you are really asking: how can I be at peace with myself?. Ok then! 2500 year old Greek wise man Socrates had it all figured out. And what he laid out in his dialogues still holds today: You first ask a lot of question and th (MORE)

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Despite the year's grim outlook Why do you still believe that life is good?

When you were a child you did not need money to be happy. That means that happiness is in you and you will find ways to feel happy if you want to. And when you are happy life is good! I know happy wealthy people that as soon as they lost a small part of the stock value they own become terribly un (MORE)

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Outlook in life means?

outlook - future prospects suggested by present events, it a attitude of mind, a way in which things are considered

What are the Factors to consider in developing outlook in life?

Developing an outlook on life happens overtime. There are millions of factors you can consider, here are a few: . pessimism or optimism: do you want to expect the best, expect the worst, or is there a healthy balance of the two . character traits: dependable, late, organized, haphazard, hygienic (MORE)

What do you mean by outlook on life?

The phrase "outlook on life" refers to a person's fundamental attitude about life. For example, is the world friendly, hostile, or indifferent? Are other people generally good or bad? Is the future likely to be better or worse? .

How can you develop a sound outlook in life?

Answer . The general answer that most philosophers would give is that it is necessary to lead an examined life.. A philosopher is a lover of (seeker after) wisdom. There are many different views about what living wisely or living well means. However, there is no way in advance to determine which (MORE)

How do you develop a sound outlook of life?

Developing a sound outlook on life is very important. It changes the way you see things and how you perceive them. Positive thinking is the key to creating a good outlook on life. Instead of focusing on the negatives of a situation, try and find the 'silver lining'...every situation has one, no matt (MORE)

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What is LeBron James Outlook on life?

Positive, he is very competitive and it sometimes gets the best of him. His is also arrogant at times but overall a good role model and a true great guy. Also, he is not ever arrogant.

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What does outlook in life mean?

An outlook on life is just the way one views life; a personal opinion. It is what one thinks of his/her life, and what s/he should do with it. The answer is personal: Your outlook on life is your own opinion of how your life is, and what you think your purpose is. Your answer is the right answer.

What are atheisms outlook on life?

Atheism is the rejection of belief in supernatural entities. People who subscribe to this view are called atheists. The question you have asked is very broad and non -specific. People who are atheists can have very different outlooks on other aspects of 'life' outside of belief in supernatural en (MORE)

What is the meaning of a sound out look life?

Life is not something to be preached about, but something to be lived. When we live, there will be frictions which normally will tempt us to think that life altogether is not good. That is not a sound outlook on life. Had there been no friction and resistance in life, we would all have lived as if i (MORE)

What would a psychoanalytic person say is wrong with a girl with a negative outlook on life?

Well, I am a psychoanalytical person AND a girl with a negative outlook on life, and I'd say what is wrong with a girl like that is maybe something bad happened to her once and she never fully recovered from it. It could be one single event, like an assault, or ongoing events such as abuse (in eithe (MORE)

How do experiences affect ones outlook in life?

Life experiences- good or bad- expand ones outlook on life. At times experiences life bring are traumatic, devastating and unexpected- yet from each event we encounter, growth internally develops. Life is forever evolving and change constantly occurs- and we as a society are influenced by everything (MORE)

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How can you develop a good outlook in life?

You can develop a good outlook in life by looking for the best in everything and everyone. Look at the glass as half full. Instead of thinking about what went wrong in your day, think about what went good. A good outlook is a healthier lifestyle. Be optimistic. Laugh a lot. Love a lot. You will find (MORE)

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Why do Utopian authors have a bleak outlook on life?

Some people (utopian authors included) have an amazing capacity topredict possible future consequences just by analyzing the present.They tend to analyze them from the negative point of view as awarning to future generations.