What is a status migrainosus?

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Status migrainosus-- The medical term for an acute migraine headache that lasts 72 hours or longer.
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Where is the status bar?

Answer . The status bar is at the bottom of a program window, and it generally displays what the program is currently doing, or information about program objects you may have the cursor over, such as buttons or text boxes.

What are statues?

A statue is a type of sculpture that represent a human, animal, thing or an event and is made if materials like clay, marble, resin, bronze, porcelein, fiberglass etc .

Are there three statues of Statues of Liberty?

No, there are two. One is in NY harbor and it was erected in 1886 on Liberty Island. The other is in Paris, France and is much smaller and black. To cite that there is one is Las Vegas is like saying that Vegas has a pyramid. These items are for tourist sites and hotels to bring people to Vegas. Oth (MORE)

When did the Statue of Liberty?

Completed in l886. Supposed to celebrate the centennial of American Indpendence- which would have been l876- there was a big fair in Philadelphia- but delivered ten years too late! S.O.L. was in part a political football, and the Newspapers really ram-rodded the deal to get it built on what was then (MORE)

What is it status?

Status is the current state of something or someone. This ishelpful in determining what steps should be followed next.

What is a status?

Status is rank or position in a hierarchy. ____ every human society has a number of social positions which people occupy; they're known as statuses

What does status mean?

the position of an individual in relation to another or others, esp. in regard to social or professional standing.

What is the status quo?

- Status quo- what is commonly believed or accepted - Status quo- is always represented by Ho (null hypothesis) Ex. Should we introduce a new product/service? Status quo: not introduce it Ex. Should we stop engaging in a marketing action? Status quo: keep going Null hypothesis Interpretat (MORE)

Are there three Statue of Liberty statues?

No, there are a handful of replicas located in gardens and museums all over the world specifically made by Frédéric Bartholdi. The original and largest is in NY Harbor on Liberty Island. There many others that he made in various places in France such as Jardin du Luxembourg and Pont de Grenell (MORE)

How are statues formed?

This is " ONE" way they formed statues thousands of years ago, here is an excerpt and the site: . |Making the statues|. How were the statues made? Of what materials?. |A plant core| The statues were formed by modeling wet plaster on a reed core, using plants that grow in Jordan along strea (MORE)

What are statues made of?

Statues can be made of almost any material. Statues can be created out of metal, stone, clay, wood and many other materials. Junior Fritz Jacquet is known for making masks out of toilet paper rolls, and one man (his name escapes me) is famous for making statues out of used chewing gum! Creating stat (MORE)

What is an statue?

A statue is something made out of iron, metal, gold, Sometime wood and plastic. The can be ones in your homes that you can buy, or famous ones WHICH NO-ONE CAN AFFORD, for example, the statue of liberty, the statue of sant theresa or Mary in Lourdes, France

What is the statue?

A statue is a sculpture in the round representing a person or persons, an animal, or an event, normally full-length, as opposed to a bust, and at least close to life-size, or larger. Its primary concern is representational.

What does social status status mean?

Social status is bascially how much power you have. if you had a high social status, then you were very powerful. Social status is alike the high school popularity program. If you were popular, you were high up in the social status. If you were a loner, you were probably on the bottom. ****** (MORE)

What is the status of Peru?

I believe the status of Peru is well.! they are doing well in money.. and the features are amazing! i stayed there for 2 months and loved it! the atmosqere was gr8! i lreally loved it!

What is a kangaroo's status?

There are over 60 species of kangaroo, and most of the species are listed as "Least concern". However, many of the species in the wallaby family are endangered, particularly among the "rock wallaby" species.

Where is the Statue of Ozymandias?

Ozymandias is the Greek name for Ramses II - an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled for 67 years in the thirteenth century B.C. The statue was discovered at the Great Temple of Ptah of Mit-Rahina near Memphis, Egypt. Ramses II was the same Pharaoh that Moses dealt with in the biblical book Exodus when he sou (MORE)

Does MSN have a status?

MSN doesn't exactly have the same type of status like FaceBook does. You can either be AVAILABLE (green), BUSY (red), AWAY (orange) or OFFLINE (white). If you want to say something for everyone to see, you can type a personal message.

What is a bilby's status?

In the Northern territory, Queensland and South Australia, the bilby's conservation status is listed as endangered. Its Commonwealth status is listed as vulnerable.

What is a status dog?

A status dog is one acquired to elevate others', or one's own perception of oneself.

What are status symbols?

When a person owns something that would cause other people to assume he or she was wealthy or has a high status in society, like a limo, that item is called a status symbol.

What is a achived status?

positions that are earned, accomplished, or involve at least someeffort or activity on the individual's part.

What is an Anubis Statue?

say this is a Pharaoh on his side: -- this is an Anubis ------------- they are those giant dogs that protect the tomb. hope i helped!

Where Statue is taller that Statue of Liberty?

The new statue will be called the 'Statue of Unity' in Gujarat State , India. which will be double the size of 'Statue of Liberty' in the US and four times higher than 'Christ the Redeemer' located in Rio De Janeiro. .

Does Buddha have a statue?

Statues of Buddha are present in many temples. These are representations of the Buddha as no historical images of the Buddha exist. These statues should not be confused with the statues of Hotei, erroneously called the Laughing Buddha, seen in many Chinese restaurants. This the statue of a Budai a C (MORE)

Why was okami a statue?

By saying 'Okami' do you mean 'Shiranui'? Okami means wolf or great god in Japanese. The reason why Shiranui was in the statue was to remember the day when she saved Kamiki from Orochi. Sakuya brought back Shiranui to destroy Orochi once again and she did this by reincarnating her from the sun godd (MORE)

How is status migrainosus treated.?

the patient may be given narcotic medications to bring on sleep and stop the attack. Patients with status migrainosus are often hospitalized because they are likely to be dehydrated from severe nausea and vomiting.

What is Status Migraines?

Status Migrainosus is defined by the ICHD II as: A debilitating Migraine attack lasting longer than 72 hrs. The pain must be both unremitting for 72 hrs and severe. See your physician or headache specialist for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Migraine and headache disorders.

What is a status that will get comments?

This might sound stupid, but try to say something that is funny or a little stupid. I get a lot of comments on my status's. Like my last status said, " Do ladybugs have hearts?" and I wasn't sure, but it got a lot of comments! Haha(: See what I mean? Or you could do something (if your a girl): If I' (MORE)

Where can you get a Naruto statue?

If you mean figurine, then you can get them at comic book stores, those really big book stores that sell manga, asian shops, china town etc There are also alot of websites where you can get them off. Don't forget Ebay too! If you're in Sydney - Australia then you can get them at Kinokuniya book (MORE)

What is an acquired status?

A status that you earn or pay for is one answer. "Status" can also be acquired through no actions ( earn or pay for ) of one's self. Examples include receiving the status of a super star in sports by unmerited accolades from sports writers; receiving the title of "King" via inheritance; or becoming (MORE)

Is statue an adjective?

No, it is a noun (sculpture). There is an adjective form(statuesque) but it has connotations of size and grace, rather thanjust referring to statues.

What is Hermes status?

He is one of the 12 Olympian gods. He was, in fact, the youngest of the 12 Olympians.

Why the statue made?

First, how the statue is made is most of them are made of stone of granite. But some are even made of clay. Second, people probably made the statue to honor people for deeds they had done.

What is undefined status?

An undefined status is simply a status that lacks clear definition.It is not specified in any way and might be hard to associate itwith anyone or anything.

What is the quokka's status?

The quokka is not yet an "officially endangered" animal. The conservation status of the quokka is as follows: . National: Listed as Vulnerable under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. . Western Australia: Listed as Rare or likely to become extinct u (MORE)

What is the status of LIC of?

Life Insurance Corporation of India presently holds more than 70% shares of India's life insurance business. Its claim ratio is such that specially death claims are settled faster than anywhere in the world. Its total policy holders of 30 crores are more than the total population of U. S. A. Last bu (MORE)

What is the noun for statue?

The noun statue is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a a three-dimensional representation of a person or thing made in wood, stone, metal, or other solid material.