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Steph is a name (stephanie) but they use it as a nickname.
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What does Steph mean?

The name 'Steph' (short for Stephanie) is a French girl name. InFrench, the name means 'crowned in victory'.

How is Steph Filletti today?

Steph is feeling very well thankyou, we break up from school today so she is exstatic. Guys, what should I say? over to you professor.

How do you steph in Samoan?

Steph is not a Samoan name therefore does not have a Samoan translation.

Is Steph a troll?

It's Steph nuff said. Also did i mention it's Steph?......ugly bad troll troll is bad obvious troll troll.

Who plays as Steph in street dance?

In the film streetdance {as if you'v seen it} you will of seen a girl called steph , fantastic dancer and her real name is: Lil steph.

Who dies in neighbors Ringo or steph?

Ringo dies. Carla who plays Steph is leaving this year but not at the moment. Steph hits Ringo and he eventually dies after being taken to the hospital. Not too sure what happ
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Who is steph Ayson?

She was AJ Perez's popular girlfriend. RIP AJ
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Who is steph curry?

A outstanding shooter (2009-forward) in the nba