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A stonemason is a person who builds structures (such as cathedrals and castles) out of stones such as limestone, sandstone, slate, marble, granite, field rock, and river rock. They were highly skilled people who combined the roles of architecting, crafting, desiging, and engineering to produce beautiful buildings seen today. Some of the most beautiful creations they built standing today are Gothic Cathedrals.
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Names of the stonemasons who built Waverley Cemetery?

  By "Stone Masons" we assume you refer to Monumental Stone Masons - the contractors and artisans who create individual memorials. Well Waverley Cemetery Is a business and

What was the daily life of a medieval stonemason?

Most medieval stonemasons belonged to a guild that looked after its  members. The guild regulated trade practices and working hours as  well as provided sick pay and pension

What do stonemason build?

The medieval stonemasons built large structures like Gothic cathedrals, churches, castles, etc. out of stone.   Modern stonemasons build stone walls and decorate the outsid

What was Michelangelo's stonemason mark?

Ludwig Goldscheider, Michelangelo (Phaidon, 1973) has this insignia on its black cloth hard cover: three rings triangularly set and initial M in one of the rings. and and "Mic

How do you put stonemason into a sentence?

Many famous buildings were constructed using the skills of an experienced stonemason.

What was the job of a stonemason in medieval times?

Stonemasons worked and dressed stone. They made stone blocks for all sorts of construction, but especially castles and churches. Since many stone buildings were decorated with

What does a medieval stonemason do?

The short answer is that a stonemason worked with stone for buildings. Masons were very highly skilled (and highly paid) craftsmen who travelled from one building project to