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The term "storm trooper" was first used by the Germans in the First World War to describe the Canadian troops that they had to fight against. Canadian troops were most feared by the Germans during the First World War, and the German army always prepared for the worst when an attack was spearheaded by the Canadian army.
The term was then used again by Hitler before the Second World War for his army of soldiers when first forming the National Socialist Party. They were his elite troops, and when his infamous Beer Hall Putsch failed, and some of his storm troopers were killed by police, he forced the German people to honour them and salute every time they walked by a memorial plaque dedicated to them.
The term was used a third time by George Lucas in Star Wars as a name for the white-armour-clad soldiers of the evil Empire. Much like the National Socialist storm troopers, they were trained to show no fear or emotion.  
  • No disrespect to Canada, but Germany had its own storm troopers (Sturmtruppen) in the First World War commanded by General von Hutier.
  • The SA (Brown Shirts) were neither elite soldiers nor under Hitler's command. They are more properly described as thugs, and they were commanded by a thug named Ernst Rohm. The SS commanded by Heinrich Himmler came much closer to being storm troopers because they were used to spearhead military attacks.
  • George Lucas seems to have taken inspiration from history. Palpatine's destruction of the Jedi is most similar to Hitler's destruction of the SA leadership (The Night of the Long Knives, 1934) and King Philip's destruction of the Knights Templar (Friday the Thirteenth, 1307).
  • This contributor personally doubts that the Imperial Storm Troopers in the Star Wars movies were inspired by the Canadian Army or the Nazi SA. I think it more likely that Lucas was inspired either by the Sturmtruppen or the SS.


The Somme had cost Canada 24,029 casualties, but it was here that the Canadians confirmed their reputation as hard-hitting shock troops. "The Canadians," wrote Lloyd George, "played a part of such distinction that thenceforward they were marked out as storm troops; for the remainder of the war they were brought along to head the assault in one great battle after another. Whenever the Germans found the Canadian Corps coming into the line they prepared for the worst."

May 1915 was the same time as the Second Battle of Ypres - the first major impact made by Canada on the war. Still stretches plausibility to say that the Germans were so impressed by the Canadian resistance they referred to the Canadians as stormtroopers and then used the term for their own infiltration units, all within a couple of weeks

The German Stoßtruppen first appeared October 1915 4 months after the second battle of Ypres in a successful assault on a French position in the Vosges Mountains.
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What were stormtroopers?

Answer . they are in the star wars movies. if you watch number 2 and 3. they are closes of one man "the bounty hunter" and where made for the senate to protect the interest of the senate (the one that was lead by the bad guy- evil emperor). The Original Stormtroopers . The Imperial Stormtroop (MORE)

Who were the stormtroopers?

Answer . The Strurm Abteilung, or Storm Section, (SA) was a group under Captain Ernst Roehm formed as Hitler's private army in 1921. The SA was principally used to interfere with political opponents and to provide security for Adolf Hitler. They were referred to as Stormtroopers or Brownshirts ( (MORE)

Were the tanks of World War 1 more effective in breaking trench warfare than the German Stormtrooper tactics?

The Tanks that were used in WW1 Were very effective However German storm trooper tactics did not enter the equation until WW2. The Germans did have squads of Stormtroopers in WW1 following their ending of the disasterous attritional policy. The tank was initially very successful in small quantity, (MORE)

What is the Nazi stormtroopers?

The nazi stormtroopers was a way to refer to the SA/the brownshirts. Or the Schusztaffel or SS. The Brownshirts/SA, and the SS battled at the beginning of the war on who was to be hitlers body gaurd. The SS won.

Are stormtroopers good guys or bad guys?

If you mean Nazi stormtroopers, I would say they were mostly bad. Every soldier is bound to follow the Rules of Warfare. One big rule is that non-combatants are off limits to violent treatment. The thinking being that if your enemy discovers brutal treatment of indiginous civilians in your area of o (MORE)

Why LEGO stopped making LEGO stormtroopers?

They didn't acctully, they just haven't got to making Lego for a while. but if you want stormtroopers in a small cheap set (it comes with a ship too) its in this box- http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I51nVsug5ffL.jpg but if they don't have an enemy you can also get this one- http://www.toysforjun (MORE)

In star wars the clone wars is commander Cody a stormtrooper?

CC-2224 , nicknamed Cody , was a clone marshal commanderassigned to High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Grand Army of the Republic throughout the Clone Wars. The leader of the 7th Sky Corps, though he typically took personal command of the 212th Attack Battalion, Cody was a loyal and com (MORE)

Are stormtroopers clones?

Technically yes because after Datrh Sidious' final stage in his plot to destroy the Jedi the clones were upgraded to be stormtroopers.however nobody knows how the clones were brainwashed or how they changed from clones to stormtroopers so fast.

Why do stormtroopes have TK?

Well, TK stands for a code. I'm not exactly sure what it stands for, but the code can identify a person as a part of a squad etc. Hope this helps.

Can you add an inquisitor with a retinue of stormtroopers to a 5th edition space marine army?

The Inquisitors retinue will only have 3 Veterans/combat servitors, but in the rules of the Daemonhunters/Witch Hunters codex it allows you to take 1 HQ 2 Troops (it might be 3, I don't have the codex with me) 1 Elite and MAYBE 1 Fast attack. I know you can't have Heavy Support if you using the Inqu (MORE)

Are stormtroopers clonetroopers?

Yes. Yes, but after execute order 66 was activated and most of the jedi were killed the Kaminoians started an uprising and created a line of super clones. The Empire went to Kamino and took over the facilities. With the Jango Fett clones prone to rebellion, the Empire needed a new type of clone, so (MORE)

What is the difference between a clone trooper and stormtrooper?

During the Clone Wars, Clone Troopers were clones bought by the Republic from Kamino. After the rise of the Empire, the Imperial Academy started training humans to take the place of clones. The uniforms and armor also changed during the period between Episode 3 and Episode 4.

How did stormtroopers treat the Jews in World War 2?

German stormtroopers tended to kill Jews where they found them. They liked to shoot them on the spot. Or they would round them up and give them to other soldiers to kill or transport them to camps where they would be killed.

Who were the stormtroopers in the film star wars?

In Movie: In the Movies, they were Jango Fett . The habitants of Kamino cloned him to make the clone army. Shortly after the Emporer took control, the clones became the Stormtroppers. Actor: Temuera Derek Morrison (Also Playing Jango)

Do stormtroopers hate Darth vador?

no, stormtroopers were engineered by the emperor after revenge of the sith to be completely loyal to any empirial officer that was outranking him. especially to Darth Vader and the emperor.

Where can one purchase a stormtrooper helmet?

If quality is most important, then the online store 'Original Storm Trooper' would be the best website. Although it is very expensive, it has the best quality and is very reliable. If money must be saved upon, an online store called 'Buy Starwars Costumes' should be used.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rod the Stormtrooper - 2009?

The cast of Rod the Stormtrooper - 2009 includes: Jeff Campesi as Mike Chodanski (College Years) Mike Delisle as George Jackington Nadia Doherty as Clarisse Laroque Lance Fauteux as TV Host Brad Jakubowski as Taxi Driver Kyle James Smith as Cell Phone Guy Ryan John Patterson as Charles Courtney Kys (MORE)

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