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What does the song loca of Shakira means?

it means 'crazy' & the song is basically about a guy that used to like a rich girl but left her for a poor girl which is shakira, she basically won him over by personality a

What does tu estas loca mean?

¿Estás tú loca? = Are you crazy? Tú estás loca. = You are crazy. If the intention is to imply someone is truly mentally ill, the sentence would be "Tú eres loca."

What does you vida loca mean in English?

vida loca means crazy life and you is an English word nearly there, we did it in class. viva la vida loca means live the crazzy life, so it is basically saying you live

What does chicas locas mean in English?

This term means "crazy girls" in English. This term is used in Hispanic culture the same way it is used in American culture. The term is universal around the world.

Is shakiras song loca about shakira?

yes because in the song she sings and im crazy but you like it so its about her not a guy or her family its about shakira she is not gay

What does lovita loca mean?

la Vida loca = the crazy life or insane! God is with u so u wont be crazy SOMETIMES! lol jk