What is a tax form that employers send to their employees?

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Is it legal for an employer to report more paid to an employee on their tax forms than he is acutally paying the employee?

He must report many things you may not consider as compensation...not just what you receive on your paycheck. (And what each type of tax - Federal, State, FICA, unemployment,

Who sends out the 1098 tax form?

Form 1098 [Mortgage Interest Statement] is sent by those who are engaged in a trade or business. In the course of this trade or business, they receive from any individual $600

If employer and employee agree to take out taxes and employer does not what can employee do?

This is not something either gets to agree to...it is the law, taken very, very seriously and if your an emplyer you must withhold tax (and contribute o FICA and in most cases

Do colleges send out a tax form?

There are two forms that are sent out by colleges. One, Form 1098-E (Student Loan Interest Statement). Any person or entity (college, educational institution, financial instit

When the employers should pay the employees tax to the tax office?

The federal tax deposit schedule depends on the size of your payroll and the type of employment you provide. For household employers eligible to use Schedule H, it can be as l

Is employer pay federal tax for employee?

Wow...question makes no sense really.. Pay is taxable, both by Feds and State, and most other places.. Employer must withhold an estimate of the tax on that pay, and send it

Is it illegal for an employer to not pay tax on employees?

I'm not sure what you think by saying "pay tax" or employer! If you are an employee (in short, you receive a W-2 not a 1099 reporting your earnings), then the employer MUST w

Is it compulsory to file tax return if an employee has received W-2 form from employer?

No. Simply receiving taxable income (whether or not it's reported to you on a Form W-2 or 1099), doesn't mean you're required to file a tax return. You are only required to fi