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What is a tax form that employers send to their employees?

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How do i get a 1099 self employment taxes forms?

You can buy a package of them at your local office supply store or  you can go to your closest IRS Office.

Is the employer obligated to withhold state tax or is it up to the employee?

  The employer is absolutely obligated to do so. Not doing so is subject to harsh penalties and even being responsible for the employees taxes. It is something taken very,

Do colleges send out a tax form?

There are two forms that are sent out by colleges. One, Form 1098-E (Student Loan Interest Statement). Any person or entity (college, educational institution, financial instit

What forms do you send with your federal taxes?

At a minimum, you need to send either Form 1040, Form 1040A, or Form 1040EZ. Everyone can use Form 1040. People with simpler returns have the option of using the other two f

Where do employers send exempt w4 forms?

  The IRS ended the program that required employers to send in questionable W-4 forms (including exempt forms and forms claiming more than 10 allowances) in 2005. Employer

Where do you send federal income tax form?

  Hey just go to this website and select your state after you click on the correct link. Toodles! http://www.irs.gov/file/index.html

Can my employer ask to see my tax forms?

Absolutely not. Those are confidential. The only entity that I know of that can ask for this information is a mortgage company when they are reviewing for a modification of te

How do you file your taxes without any form or information from your employer?

If your employer didn't fill out any forms or get any information  from you, then you can fill out the tax forms and tell the IRS how  much you earned. Because your employer