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There is no such thing as a "teacup Chihuahua". The term "teacup" is a marketing tool referring to really small, and often unhealthy, dogs. Typically these dogs are under 3 lbs as full-grown adults. These dogs are often unhealthy and may require feeding every 1-3 hours including at night. Some healthy teacups exist, but a good breeder will NEVER purposefully breed for a teacup dog.
The term "teacup" is a marketing tool referring to really small, and often unhealthy, dogs such as chihuahuas, yorkies, shih-tzu and poodles. These are often sold at much higher prices than "regular" puppies of the same breed. "Teacup" means they are so small meaning they can fit in a teacup. However, these dogs are often badly-bred in order to achieve the smallest size possible, with no concerns to their health or temperament. No responsible breeder will breed or even sell a very small or unhealthy puppy.
The term "Teacup" is the name used to refer to an exceptionally small strain of a breed of dog. The <a class="inlink_gtb" href="http://dogs.answers.com/dog-breeds/" title="dog breeds">dog breeds</a> which most commonly use this term is Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier dogs. The name originated because the dogs were nearly the size of a teacup- and the teacup has association with smallness.
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