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What is a technological application of chemistry that you use every day?

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a refrigerator and air-conditioning
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Applications of chemistry?

In our life, 24 hours of each day and night involves chemistry. Water, tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, soap, food, vehicle, petrol, cosmetics, communicative technologies, e

Application of chemistry?

There are many application of chemistry; such as the following ♣ Medicine ♣ Agriculture ♣ Transportation ♣ Food Production ♣ Food Processing ♣ Pharmaceutical ♣ C

How do you use integers every day?

We you integers everyday by: In bank accountsThe temperatureIn golfIn the stock market (These are just a few of the ways you can use integers. There are many other ways too!)

What are the applications of quadratic equations in every day life?

  Police, Quadratics, Action!     If you know the initial speed of car, how far you are travelling and what your acceleration is, there is a special formula that

Every day application of Pythagoras theorem?

1. A practical application of Pythagoras Theorem is to check where the ploat or a building or land are in the form of a square or rectangle ( i.e. each corner angle is 90 degr

Name 5 things you use every day that were developed by your for space technology?

5 commonly used items that were originally designed for use in space are such things as: Cordless Tools Portable and self-contained power tools. Originally developed for ast

How is radiation used every day?

There are many practical applications to the use of radioactivity/radiation. Radioactive sources are used to study living organisms, to diagnose and treat diseases, to sterili

What are the applications of classical conditioning to every day life?

Classical Conditioning in Everyday Life One of the great things about conditioning is that we can see it all around us. Here are some examples of classical conditioning that y
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How do you use chemistry in your every day life?

First of all , chemistry is the reaction betweem two substances . Most of the things we do daily are considered chemistry like , washing the dishes , cleaning your hands and s

How is technology used in chemistry?

Technology is used in chemistry because you use microscopes to look at the different particles of different elements, and sometimes computers are used to break down the chemic

What are the applications of laser light in modern day technology?

Laser light (Light Amplification by Stimulation And Radiation) has many uses in modern day technology but they roughly equate to these main areas. Hot lasersData I/OMeasureme