What is a tier one university?

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There is no single ranking of universities, but the label "Tier I" is often applied in the context of research universities. The Center for Measuring University Performance produces an annual ranking of research universities (institutions with at least $20 million in federal research expenditures) measured across nine factors. The results are grouped according to universities ranking in the top 25 nationally on at least one factor, and then those ranking 26-50 on at least one factor. The top category (including 51 schools in 2007) are often collectively referred to as "Tier 1" research universities.
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What are the Pokemon tiers?

Pokemon tiers are classes of pokemon, based on potential and usage. The tiers are as follows: Uber- Pokemon in this tier are deemed too powerful for Overused (OU), or Standard play. Ubers are Arceus, Darkrai, Deoxys (all forms*), Dialga, Garchomp**, Giratina, Groudon, Mewtwo, Mew, Wobbuffet*, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Latias, Latios, Lugia, Palkia, Rayquaza, Shaymin (Sky Form***), and Wobbuffet****). *Deoxys Speed Form was considered for OU play, due to having balanced stats, but is too good of a lead Pokemon. **Garchomp can overwhelm the majority of OU teams so it is being considered for the Uber tier. ***Shaymin Land Form suffers a major inferiority complex to Celebi, another OU, but its alternate form is much more powerful. ****Wobbuffet's moveset, ability, and stats make it too deadly for OU play.Shaymin Land Form suffers a major inferiority complex to Celebi, another OU, but its alternate form is much more powerful. OU- Overused are the most powerful and commonly used Pokemon that aren't Uber. Ex. Blissey, Bronzong, Gyarados, Metagross, Salamence, Skarmory. Borderline, or BL- Not an actual battling enviroment, Pokemon in this "tier" are too powerful to be Underused, but can't really compete in OU. Ex. Articuno, Charizard, Crobat, Empoleon. Moderately Used, or MU- The upper tier or Underused. Ex. Absol, Blastiose, Gardevoir, Hitmonchan. Underused, or UU- This tier inclues Pokemon that aren't strong or popular enough to be in a higher tier. Ex. Altaria, Linoone, Pikachu w/ Light ball. Never Used, or Nu- Pokemon that aren't good enough to compete even in UU.

Is there more than one universe?

That is unknown.....however it is considered to be a possibility by many theoretical physicists. There are many theories on the universe yet none that can be proven beyond doubt.. We have concluded that there is one universe (uni meaning one) containing everything in existence.. There may be a parallel universe. Or several, or even more. There are a few theories. And there are so many more questions and things we don't know.

What is a third tier university?

A third tier university is a university that is grouped in ranking with other universities that rank similarly within the third tier out of four tiers, tier one being the most prestigious and the fourth... Well....

What is a tier one law school?

U.S. News says that it is the top 100, but law students and thosein the legal community consider the top 50 schools to be Tier 1,and 50-100 to be Tier 2. The most prestigious law schools are referred to as T-14 (Top 14).

Why are you tiered?

Because humans are like batteries when they run out of energy they need to be recharged so that's why we sleep :) Rena.R

What are the tiers of rugby?

Tiers in Rugby Union relate maily to international teams. 'First tier' teams include usually up to the top 8 teams on the world ranking system. Teams in this tier usually include South Africa, New Zealand, England, Ireland, France etc. These teams also compete in the top competitions around the world, depending on which hemisphere a team comes from. Eg: The Six Nations and The Tri Nations\ 'Second Tier' teams range usually between the 9th - 16th best teams in the world. Samoa, Fiji, USA, Tonga etc. 'Third Tier' teams include the likes of Uruguay, Spain, Russia etc.

What is a tier?

1.rank,level,row,column,class,category 2.a line on a map like if you look at the world map there are lines that show positions,each line is a tier

Are you the only ones in this universe?

well cerainly we can't really be the only ones in this universe. 'Cause look at us if were alive doesn't that just answer your question? and here's another question how do we know that there are not anyother universes out there?

What are the top Yu-Gi-Oh tier one decks?

the top 10 decks are the following 1. X Sabers 2. Infernities 3. Blackwings 4. Gladiator Beasts 5. Machina 6. Macro Monarch 7. QuickDraw Plants 8.Fairy (herald of perfection and archlord kristya) 9. Lightsworn 10.Zombies these are the best decks as of new banned list of Sept.1 2010

Is our universe the only one?

As far as we know now, the universe we live in is the only one that exists. Our universe contains an unaccountable amount of galaxies, stars, planets, and asteroids, but for now, we believe the Big Bang only created ONE universe, ours.

What are tier 1 and tier companies?

tier 1 companies is not only based on turn over it also based on the employee welfare,what security they are providing,what facility they are providing for the employee.

Is there more that one universe?

possible.although this universe is expanding all the time and hundreds of new galexys are being made and some scientist has proven that there is hundreds apon thousands of alian races. but a completely different universe wow that would be cool. but we will never find out until we make a strong enought telescope or a strong enough space ship.

How long is one semester at a university?

Semesters can vary. For institutions that operate on a regular two semester academic year, semesters can run 14 to 16 weeks. Summer sessions can run five to six weeks. Then there are special semesters to include interim sessions that can run three week. As I stated, they vary according to institution and time of the academic year.

What is tier rating?

The Tier Rating is how hard a country is trying to prevent human trafficking. (E.g. What laws placed to help stop human trafficking)

Definition of china tier one cities?

The tier one Chinese cities are Beijing, Shanghai, and Guanzhou. These were the first to be opened up to competitive economic development by the Chinese government, and so are the most populous, affluent and competitive cities in the country. Strategies for economic development then began to spread to other cities in waves, creating the second, third, and fourth tiers.

A list of top tier universities in UK?

Oxbridge St. Andrews University UCL University LSE University Imperial University Exeter University Bristol University Bath University Edinburgh University

What are the 3 tiers in a 3 tier architecture?

In a traditional 3 tier architecture, the tiers include Web Server, App Server & Database Server. The Webserver holds the UI(User Interface), App Server holds Business Logic (Application) and Database Server holds Actual Data

What is one foot outside the Universe?

As we all know, there is an end to everything. How it happens, none know, but nothing is Infinite. Nothing goes on forever. So I was wondering, what could be at the end of this Universe? Nothing can go on forever. And that is why I have begun thinking about this, as it is a bizarre question that may go unanswered for millions of years. So...what do you think, is at the edge of the Universe?

How can one get a job in jazan university?

Salamo alaikom i am kammoun brahim from tunisia i have a senior technical diploma in network telecommunication and i hope get a job there in jizan i have three training certificat in differents companies and am working now for t@tcommunication company in sfax ;tunisia

What is a tier on RuneScape?

Tiers only occur in Daemonheim while dungeoneering. It represents the quality of the item. The better an item is, the higher the tier and level requirement are.

How does one add a separate tier for alternate wordings?

Go to the alternate you want to add to the second tier and click add to bad spelling tier. The second tier will appear when you tell it to go there. If you are a Supervisor, click the alternate, or alternates, you want to move and click the orange button at the top saying 'move to bad spelling tier'.

Is there one universe or is there more than one?

Well, (and my tech ed teacher told me this), for every star, there are 10 planets. So if there is 10 planets in each star, i don't think that we're the only planet with life on it. No one knows and probably never will. Some people believe there are multiple universes, possibly an infinite number of them. Co-existing but not touching. Every time a decision is made is a branching point. Make a choice and the future plays out one way. Make another choice and a different future will happen. Consider how many decisions are made every day by everyone and consider how many possible futures there might be. Infinite is the only word that even begins to cover that.

How are sororities tiered?

There are several criteria. One is how many Potential New Members want to join a particular sorority. That is, what is their positive return on invitations. Fraternities tend to rank sororities according to looks, and how much fun they are at parties. There are scholastic rankings, philanthropic rankings and general reputations as a National organization.

What rhymes with tier?

Words that rhyme with tier include: Fire dire acquire admire afire aspire attire backfire barbwire bemire bonfire brushfire campfire choir conspire desire empire enquire entire esquire expire.

What is a client tier?

Client tier is actually a 3 tier hierarchical structure which includes cliet tier, application tier and data tier.

Where can one buy a 3 tier cake stand?

One can buy a three tier cake stand from many places! Some of the places that one can shop at for one are: Amazon, eBay, ShopBot, WalMart, Target, Winners, Loblaw super centers and as well as at on Craigslist and Kijiji.

How does one enroll in a university program?

To enroll in a university program one must fill out application forms. Use the codes for the select courses on the application form and submit with application fee to university of choice. There is regularly a nominal fee that must accompany each application.

Where can one contact Otago University?

The University of Otago has four separate campuses in New Zealand. For detailed contact information it is recommended that one visit the University's website contact page. One general email address to use is university@otago.ac.nz. The main campus is in Dunedin at PO Box 56 (or 364 Leith Walk), with a general phone number of64 3 479 1100.

When was Tier One Bank founded?

TierOne Bank was founded in 1907. TierOne Bank in Lincoln, Nebraska was closed on June 4, 2010 by the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Where can one find the meaning of the word tiered?

You can find the meaning of the word tiered online at the official dictionary website. Once on the page, type "tiered" into the search field at at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the definition.

Where can one buy a universal adapter?

You can buy a universal adapter from online stores such as Amazon, Newegg, and Tigerdirect. You can also go to your local electronics store (Target, Bestbuy, or Walmart) and buy it there.

What can one study at MD University?

At MD University, one can study and research. One can even study aboard, they have a international program and exchange program. One can get more information from their website.

Where can one find Agraria University?

Established in 1902, the National Agrarian University is a leader in Peruvian public educational institutions. It has eight faculties and is located in Lima, Peru.

How does one define tier one software?

This is the first step to problem solving any computer issues the customer may have. Taking care of the customer's needs for computer assistance is quite essential.

Where can one find a university video?

You can find many different university videos on all the different websites of the universities. If you go to YouTube and search the name of a university you can find such videos.

When can one expect an answer from the University of Ottawa?

When they are either refused or accepted by the university.University admissions usually tend to take lots of time and morethan likely, people who get accepted will get the notice by themarks, and people who get refused get the notice right away.

Is tiered an adjective?

Yes it can be (tiered shelves, tiered management). The word tiered is the past tense and past participle of the verb"to tier."

Who is a knot tier?

Every man that wears a traditional tie. A traditional sailor Everone that wears laced up shoes.