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Answer: An unit of measurement equal to 2000 lbs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ton My email: catina03t@gmail.com (contact me if there's any problems)
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What is 3500kg in tons?

3500 kilograms = 3.86 tons.

How many tons in a metric ton?

There are 2204 pounds in a metric ton. There is one ton in a metric ton. Some books use the convention that a ton is 2,000 pounds (US) and a 'tonne' or 'metric ton' is 1000 kg

Convert tons to long tons?

Formula: tons x 0.8928571 = long tons

What is heavier a ton or ton?

Depends on the "ton" you mean: A short ton is 2000 lb. (most common ton in the USA) It's smaller than a tonne A long ton is 2240 lb. It's larger than a tonne A metric ton (t

How many ton is a metric ton?

1 metric tonne= 0.984206527611061 long ton (UK)= 1.10231131092439 short ton Answer equivalent in base unit 1,000,000 grams approximate US equvalent 1.10 short tons ton: sho

What is larger a metric ton or a ton?

A short ton (ton) and a long ton are both less than a tonne (metric ton). 1 short ton (U.S.) = 907.18474 kilograms or 2000 pounds. 1 long ton (Great Britain) = 1,016.05 kg or

What is a ton in metric?

There are 3 types of ton in the world.    The metric ton, correctly spelled 'tonne', equal to 1000  Kg.  The British ton, equal to 2,240 lbs or 1,016.047 kg.  The US

What is the difference between a 'ton' a 'short ton' a 'long ton' a 'metric ton' and a 'ton'?

Ton/Short ton/Net ton: 2000 lbs (US and metric systems)   Long ton/Gross Ton: 2240 lbs (US and metric systems)    Tonne/Metric ton: 2250 lbs or 1000 kg (metric syst

How many tons in 1 ton?

1 tonne = about 1.1 short tons. (1.10231131 short tons)
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Which is greater ton or metric ton?

Which ton: American or British (2240lbs)? The metric one is the  "tonne", not "ton" (French and to distinguish it from the  pounds-based tons)  1 short ton = 0.907 tonne 
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How many ton are in 400 tons?

(1 short ton = 2000 pounds) (1 long ton = 2240 pounds) 400 (short) tons = 400 * 2000 = 800000 pounds = 362.874 tonnes (approx) 400 (long) tons = 400 * 2240 = 896000 pounds = 4

Is tons the same as metric tons?

Not necessarily. "Tons" may refer to metric tons, or to imperial tons, which are slightly different. If you live in a country that usually uses metric units, then it can proba