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A transducer is a device, usually electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, electromagnetic, photonic, or photovoltaic that converts one type of energy to another for various purposes including measurement or information transfer (for example, pressure sensors). In a broader sense (for example in the Viable System Model) a transducer is sometimes defined as any device that converts a signal from one form to another. A very common device is an audio speaker, which converts electrical voltage variations representing music or speech, to mechanical cone vibration. The speaker cone in turn vibrates air molecules creating acoustical energy.
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What is a sonar transducer?

A sonar transducer is the element in the sonar apparatus that turns the electrical signal into sound, which is mechanical energy, and then does the opposite for returning signals. A generator of some kind creates and amplifies the electrical signal, it is directed to the transducer, which then makes (MORE)

When transducer defined?

Answer . Transducer is a device which converts one form of energy into other. For eg eleectric motor, which converts electrical energy in to mechanical energy.

What is transducer?

Answer . A transducer is a device, usually electrical , electronic , electro-mechanical , electromagnetic , photonic , or photovoltaic that converts one type of energy to another for various purposes including measurement or information transfer (for example, pressure sensors ). In a (MORE)

What are the types of transducers?

Sound -> Electrical (microphones) Force -> Electrical (Load Cells) Kinetic -> Electrical (piezoelectric, generators) Light -> Electrical (solar panels) Thermal -> Electrical (thermocouple) Electrical -> Kinetic (Motors) Electrical -> Magnetic (electromagnets) Electrical -> Optical (MORE)

Fundamental principle of current transducer?

The basic principle of current transformer is same as that ofthe power transformer. Like the power transformer currenttransformer also contains a primary and a secondary winding.Whenever an alternating current flows through the primary windingalternating magnetic flux is produced, which then induces (MORE)

What is a transducer and how does it work?

In general, a transducer is a device for changing one form of energy into another. There are lots of things that qualify as transducers under that definition. Just to cite a few examples, a microphone converts the mechanical energy of sound into electrical energy. A speaker does the opposite. An aco (MORE)

What are transducers?

They are devices which change variations in one medium to changes in another. For instance, a microphone is a transducer which changes air pressure variations into electric current variations.

What is ultrasound transducer?

Simply put, an ultrasound transducer is the component that generates the ultrasonic signal used in ultrasonic imaging equipments. It also picks up the return signal. A crystal can be made to change shape by electrical stimulation. (It's called piezoelectric effect.) And changing the shape of a cryst (MORE)

What is a force transducer?

Force transducers are also commonly recognized as force sensors. Aforce sensor is described as a transducer that converts an inputmechanical force into an electrical output signal.

What is the difference between a passive transducer and an active transducer?

Passive transducers - require an external power to operate, and the output is a measure of some variation in passive components (e.g. resistance or capacitance) Examples of passive transducer : -Slide-wire resistor ▫ Resistance strain gauge ▫ Differential transformer Active Transducers - (MORE)

How does a transducer work?

a transducer is a device that converts one form of energy to electric energy there are different types of transducers like mic is an acoustic transducer that converts sound energy to electrical energy...resistance changing transducers,inductance changing transducers capacitive type transducer ....ch (MORE)

Why is quartz used in piezoelectric transducer?

Quartz is used in piezoelectric transducers because of potentialfor high voltage input and acoustic power. Quartz is apiezoelectric crystal and when it is mechanically strained ordeformed by stress, electric charges appear on some surfaces. Whenthe strain is reversed, the polarity of the charges rev (MORE)

Application of transducer?

Antenna .- converts propagating electromagnetic waves, to and from conducted electrical signals. . Magnetic cartridge. - converts relative physical motion ,to and from electrical signals. . Tape head. Disk read-and-write head, - converts magnetic fields on a magnetic medium. to and from electrical (MORE)

What are digital transducers?

a transducer which can measures a physical quantities and and transmit the informations as coded digital signalsrather then as continuous varying current/ voltage.

What are biological transducers?

Such type of transducer which can covert bio energy into any other form like mechanical or electrical. Example are engine or crystal. Engine convert energy from bio-fossil fuels to mechanical and crystal like tourmaline into electrical oscillations.

What is an IP transducer?

An I/P transducer is a device that converts a 4-20mA current (I) signal into a pressure (P) signal of 3-15psi or 20-100kPa usually to operate pneumatic control valves.

What is a power transducer?

As we knw that tranducer is a device which is used to convert one form of enery into other.similarly power transistor workis to convert one form to anthore

What is the meaning of transducer?

A transducer converts one form of energy, or signal, to another. For instance, a microphone converts sound pressure waves to a voltage. A speaker is also a transducer. It does exactly the opposite, converting a voltage to sound waves.

What is capacitive transducer?

It is device that will sense the environment in a form of capacitor changes. Usually an oscillator will sense this change and change frequency accordingly

What is application of the transducers?

Transducer changes energy type from one form to another. Example: Light energy to electrical, your ear probably change sound energy to chemical or electrical energy that your brain processes.

What is a photovoltaic transducer?

A photovoltaic transducer is simply another name for a solar panel. A transducer changes one energy to another in this case light energy to electrical energy. The two most common type of photovoltaic transducers are silicon and selenium.

What is opitical transducer?

A device that convert one form of energy into another form is called the transducer. so optical transducer is a device that can convert electric energy into optical energy.

What are resistive transducer?

What are Variable Resistance Transducers? . The variable resistance transducers are one of the most commonly used types of transducers. The variable resistance transducers are also called as resistive transducers or resistive sensors. They can be used for measuring various physical quantities like (MORE)

What is the application of transducer?

A Transducer is a device used to change a mechanical property to an electrical one. Or vice versa. Common transducers in everyday use would be a microphone and a loudspeaker. They change movement of air to an electrical signal. Transducers are also used in weighing scales, where a bending moment cau (MORE)

What are oscillator transducers?

A transducer (trans = across, duce = to lead) is a device that converts one form of energy into another. A microphone converts sound waves into electrical signals. Others would be accelerometers, loudspeakers. An oscillator on the other hand, generates a signal without there being an input signa (MORE)

What is diff between sensor and transducers?

TRANSDUCER is a device converts one form of energy into other forms sensor it is device any form into electrical form my point of view ,all the sensors are transducers ,but all the transducers are not sensors

What is the function a transducer?

Transducer is a device which converts one quantity in to another quantity........... Mostly we are using electrical transducers. That converts physical quantity in to electrical quantity. Transducers enables us to measure the physical quantity. Also they are employed in the sensors too.

What are displacement transducers?

vector representing a change in position of a body or point with respect to a reference point, Displacement may be linear or angular.

What is capacitor transducer?

A: Some material have the property of a capacitor and this property can be varied by outside forces making it a transducer

What is the importance of transducers?

Transducers is used to convert physical quantities like temperature, vibration, height, etc., to electrical signal (digital). Transducers are nowadays used mostly in all areas like defence, radars, space crafts, etc.,

What are the applications of a capacitive transducer?

Capacitive sensors are used mainly to detect proximity, usually that of people. The operating principle is that the capacitance of the capacitor varies as material comes between the two plates of the capacitor, and you can determine the presence of something via the measurement of the capacitance.

What is the difference between transducer and actuator?

An transducer converts one form of energy into another. eg. door bell(electrical energy - sound energy) An actuator transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. eg. motor An actuator is essentially a transducer but a transducer need not be an actuator.

In which or what application is a transducer used?

A transducer is used in measuring the levels of fluids in an open or contained environment. It is a secondary piece of equipment that is used along with the equipment to generate and receive the ultra sonic wave pulse. A voltage pulse is sent to the transducer and the time it takes to receive the re (MORE)

What is thermoelectric transducer?

thermistor is one of the example for thermoelectric transducer and we can say this is the worst topic of the instrumentation . its better to not study.............................................................................................................

Difference between transformer and transducer?

Transformer: Converts one electrical quaintly to another electrical quantity. Usually to convert the potential difference of an alternating current to another potential difference while maintaining most of the power. However transformers can be used for Impedance matching and even current conversion (MORE)

Is generator a transducer?

no... generator cannot be a transducer. Transducer is a device that converts one type of energy into another. Whereas generator is a device which convert any form of energy into electrical energy..

What is flow transducer?

A Flow Transducer is also known as a flow senser. A flow senser is used to sense the flow rate a fluid flows or flow logger to record the flow of the fluids that run through them.

What are some examples for transducers?

An electronic device that will convert some form of energy produced by a physical stimulus to an electrical analogue of the stimulus can be mentioned as a transducer. Among the most frequent examples there are microphones, loudspeakers, thermostats, position and pressure sensors, antenna and therm (MORE)

What are the basic requirements and characteristics of transducers?

What are the basic requirement of a transducer? Ans The basic requirements of a transducer are (i) Ruggedness It should be capable to withstand overloads (ii) Linanty Its input-output characteristic should be linear (iii) Repeatability It should give same output for the same inp (MORE)

Speaker is electronic transducer?

Technically, a transducer is defined as a device, which converts other sources of energy such as heat, mechanical, pressure etc. into electrical energy, i.e., the output of a transducer is always electrical energy. Since, a speaker converts electrical energy into sound energy, it is not a transducer (MORE)

Which companies produce transducers?

Sensor Technology LTD, a Canadian based company produces transducers. Additionally Sensor Technology LTD also produces custom acoustic sensors, hydrophones and piezoloelectrics.

What are piezoelectric transducers?

These convert pressure into voltage. When certain crystals are compressed or stretched, they exhibit a voltage across their faces, which can be utilised for various applications. The simplest example is an inexpensive 'crystal' phonocartridge: when the attached stylus vibrates in the grooves of a re (MORE)

What is a torque transducer?

A transducer is an electronic device that measures something --voltage, temperature or in this case torque. Torque is the forceapplied to twist something, like the twisting one does to tighten ascrew, bolt or jar lid. So, a torque transducer is an electronic device that measures theamount of torque (MORE)

What is use of transducer?

Transducer is commonly implies the use of a sensor or detector.This is used world wide.The purpose for the use of transducer is sensor and detector. Thisis a device that converts energy.