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What is a unit of life insurance for pricing?

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What is a unit?
A unit of coverage corresponds to the life insurance benefit amount you can purchase, and it depends on age, gender and state. Please visit the Guaranteed Acceptance Life quote page to see benefit amounts and premiums available to you for up to 8 units of coverage.
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What is a 'unit link' in life insurance?

A unit link is a term used in life insurance to describe a type of  fund where each contribution is linked to an individual unit within  the fund. This could be stocks or ot

Average price for life insurance per month?

There is no average price for life insurance per month.   Life insurance rates vary based on a number of factors, including:   You age, gender, amount of coverage, healt

Annunities of United Pacific Life Insurance?

  Please call me at 248 891 0915 this is concerning a fixed rate annunity I had with you years ago. I have the contract # and need contract information to establish a cost

What does per unit mean in life insurance?

A unit of life insurance is $1000. So a $10, 000 policy would cost 10 times the quoted price per unit. At $9.85 per unit your monthly premium would be $98.50 for a $10, 000 po

What are the average life insurance prices for men?

Price differentials vary extremely if the insured is young and healthy or old and sick. A 26 year old who does not smoke, for example, pays less than than an old man who is si

What does a unit mean in life insurance?

A unit in unit linked insurance policy (ULIP) means a factor bywhich your financial interest in the policy can be quantified. Eachunit has its specified price which flutuaates

Is there still a united investors life insurance?

They were purchased by Protective Life Insurance Company on  7/1/2012.   Protective is currently in the process of being purchased by a  Japanese company, The Dai-Ichi L