What is a valid scientific hypothesis?

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this is the final or proven hypothesis
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When is an hypothesis considered valid?

An hypothesis is an untested theory or conjecture, so when a hypothesis is tested and passes the test it becomes a proven theory, or possibly a law or reason or explanation. U

What is a valid hypothesis?

A valid hypothesis is one that is testable and rejectable, can beproven true as well as verified without external evidence. It alsoneeds to be accepted by public opinion.

Is it true that to be scientifically valid a hypothesis must be phrased as a question?

Not necessarily. Let's say that we're testing a new medicine totreat heart disease. We wish to compare it against the currentstandard of care, so we might have what we call a
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Is scientific hypothesis is a scientific theory?

Strictly speaking, hypothesis is the step BEFORE a theory. A full sequence of scientific inquiry looks something like this: 1) Observation. Something is noticed; 2) Descriptio
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What is an scientific hypothesis?

A scientific hypothesis is an "educated guess" about a result or solution based on prior knowledge and observation. It is the first step in the scientific method. The hypothes